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Why my mobile website refused to connect? : Your website may not be supporting iframe. Don't worry LT Browser has it covered. Download and install LT Browser to enjoy un-interrupted mobile website testing for FREE!!


Build Mobile View Website Faster Then Ever


Custom Mobile View

Build your own custom Mobile Viewport. View your website in Mobile Viewports and see how it looks on all devices.


Side-by-Side Mobile View

No need to go back and forth between two screens. You can test your website on the same screen on two different mobile views.


In-built DevTools

Use the native DevTools to debug multiple mobile website views and check for mobile responsiveness of your website.


Google Lighthouse Report

Within seconds, you can get the lighthouse report and analyze key performance metrics, accessibility score, SEO, and more.


Quick Bug Logging

Track bugs and share them. Notify a developer on slack, Asana, Jira, trello and more, attach the screenshot as well.


Network Simulation

With LT Browser’s built-in network throttling, you can experience how your mobile view website looks to users on any connection.

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What is the mobile view of website?
The view of website we get while visiting it from a smartphone or a tablet is called mobile view of the website. You can emulate the mobile view from LT Browser without the need of purchasing a new mobile device.
Why mobile website test is important?
Testing your mobile website ensures that users have a good experience when visiting the site with their mobile devices. It also helps you avoid ranking poorly when people are searching through Google using a mobile device.
How to perform mobile website test?
LT Browser gives you the freedom to test your website on any mobile view. With its Custom Resolution feature, you can use LT Browser to test your mobile website on multiple devices.
What are the popular devices I should test my website on?
It depends on the devices used by your website visitors. Following are the most common device one should consider.
Mobile- iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, OnePlus phones of past 2 to 3 years.
Tablets- iPads and Samsung Tablets launched in past 3 to 4 years
PCs- Laptops from Lenovo, Dell, Apple for past 5 years
How to build the best mobile view of website?
There are a few checkpoints everyone should consider for building a mobile wesite.
  • 1. Choose a mobile friendly theme for website
  • 2. Use light images , videos and CSS
  • 3. Use easy to read font and font size
  • 4. Check for responsive button design, size and placement
  • 5. Avoid un-necessary pop-ups
  • 6. Avoid un-necessary links on webpage
  • 7. Regular mobile website test
What is the difference between responsive and adaptive design?
Responsive website is fluidic enough to adapt to any shape or size of the viewing device. Adaptive website first detect a predefined resolution and shows pre decided static elements of the website. Fun Fact: Google ranks mobile friendly websites higher compared to any other form of website.

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