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How to Change Location on Google Chrome?

While modern smartphones typically have GPS built-in, desktops, and to an extent, laptop PCs usually do not. Due to this, browsers set your location incorrectly by default. Here are the steps for changing your location on Google Chrome:

  • Open developer settings by pressing the Ctrl key + Shift key + I. Click the three dots next to the "Console" heading at the bottom of your screen
  • Select "Sensors" from the dropdown menu
  • To change your Google location, you have to find out your coordinates. With Google Maps, you can easily access your coordinates by searching for your address and right-clicking your house.
  • Under the "Sensors" tab, enter your coordinates (latitude and longitude) into the respective browsers
  • To see the changes, refresh your page by pressing the F5 key or the refresh icon next to the search bar. Your location should display the added coordinates as your new location.

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