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Ensure website and web apps accessibility and inclusivity with LambdaTest Accessibility Testing tool.

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Accessibility DevTools

Accessibility DevTools Chrome Extension

Ensure web accessibility and inclusivity with comprehensive, standards-compliant evaluations across multiple pages and elements. Easily manage and report accessibility issues to meet WCAG standards.
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Accessibility DevTools Chrome Extension
Enhance Testing with Accessibility Automation

Enhance Testing with Accessibility Automation

Enhance your website's accessibility with integrated testing and detailed reports. Automatically assess compliance, monitor DOM changes, detect duplicate issues, and ensure WCAG compliance by managing accessibility issues.

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Elevate Web
Accessibility Instantly!

Boost web accessibility and user experience effortlessly with the Accessibility DevTools Chrome Extension.

Elevate Web Accessibility Instantly!

Manual Accessibility Testing

Ensure smooth navigation for visually impaired users with the Screen Reader and convert audio/visual output to text with the Speech Viewer. Deliver a seamless experience with NVDA compatibility for Windows and macOS platforms.
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Manual Accessibility Testing
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an accessibility testing tool?
Digital accessibility testing tools are designed to identify and address usability barriers for people with disabilities. These tools range from automated to semi-automated, each capable of detecting specific or diverse accessibility issues. Choosing a tool that minimizes false positives is crucial to avoid wasting valuable development time and ensure effective problem resolution.
What are the types accessibility testing?
LambdaTest accessibility testing tool suite offers three types of accessibility testing: 1. Manual testing with Screen Reader and Speech Viewer. 2. Accessibility DevTools extension to debug web accessibility issues on the go and 3. Accessibility Automation to integrate accessibility testing into your automation tests.
What are the best and free tools to perform web accessibility?
Powered by axe-core, LambdaTest Accessibility DevTools Chrome Extension is the best and free tool to perform web accessibility and ensure inclusivity.
What is the principle of accessibility testing?
The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are founded on four core principles that serve as the cornerstone for web accessibility. These principles are encapsulated in the acronym POUR, standing for Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. POUR provides a framework for addressing web accessibility by dividing it into these four essential categories.
What is the best tool for accessibility testing?
The LambdaTest's Accessibility Testing DevTools Chrome Extension is the best tool for accessibility testing on the go. Featuring comprehensive scanning capabilities like Full Page Scan for evaluating entire web pages, Partial Page Scan for pinpointing specific issues to accessibility dashboard offering a comprehensive issue summary and breakdown of your website's accessibility performance. LambdaTest Accessibility DevTool has it all!
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