How to edit HTML in Chrome?

To test HTML code in a browser, right-click on the web page and select 'Inspect'. This opens dev tools where you can view and edit HTML and CSS in the 'Elements' tab. For quick changes, like modifying a button's color, locate its CSS in dev tools, edit the values, and see the changes in real time. This method offers a straightforward way for developers to test and debug web pages without full deployment.

If you want to edit your HTML in Chrome browser, you can do so using developer tools. Following are the steps to edit HTML in Chrome.

  • Open Chrome Dev Tools and activate them.
  • Right-click on the desired element and select "Inspect" to view its HTML code.
  • What is Selenium

    Once you click on an element, it will allow you to interact with it in many different ways.

  • Chrome Dev Tools offers positioning and sizing information.
  • Interact with the element using different methods.
  • Right-click on the HTML code and choose "Edit as HTML."
  • Modify the selected element's HTML.
  • What is Selenium

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