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How to enable cookies in Safari?

A cookie retains data related to a website in the user's browser. It can contain any information under 4KB, such as when you visited the website, currency type, location, authentication tokens, etc. Developers use cookies to enhance user experience, such as remembering website logins and preferences. But now the question arises, “How to Enable Cookies in Safari?”.

Note: MacOS Sonoma(14.1.2) and Safari(17.1.2) are used for the illustration.

Following are the steps to enable Cookies in Safari:

  • In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari > Settings.
  • choose-safari-settings
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and select “Block all cookies.”
  • block-all-cookies

Safari will save information from websites you visit on your device when you accept cookies from those websites, which will speed up and simplify your surfing. It's always possible to change the settings to turn off cookies or delete the cookies of an individual site.

How to Delete Cookies of a Website on Safari?

There are two methods to delete the cookies of a website:

Method 1:

  • Open the Safari app > Preferences> Privacy > Manage Website Data.
  • safari-app-preferences-privacy
  • Choose the website and select Remove or Remove All.
  • remove-or-remove-all

Method 2:

It requires you to understand how to use the developer tools on Safari. You may check out How To Debug Websites Using Safari Developer Tools.

  • Open the website you want to delete the cookies on Safari. For this example, we use LambdaTest e-commerce.
  • Right-click > Inspect Element; if you use the trackpad of MackBook, “right-click” is a single tap with two fingers! or cmd+opt+I (⌘ + ⌥ + C).
  • Go to the Storage tab (highlighted in red) and press the Bin icon on the top-right of the developer tools to delete the website's cookies.
  • go-to-the-storage-tab

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