How to inspect elements on Discord?

There are four ways to inspect elements on Discord.

  • Using Browser Developer tools.
  • Using Inspect element shortcut (CTRL + Shift + I) for Windows and (Command⌘ + Option + I) for macOS.
  • By Right-clicking on the Discord website.
  • Using LambdaTest’s cross browser testing platform.

However,utilizing cross browser testing tools like LambdaTest to examine and test Discord websites across various browsers, browser versions, and OSes is the most efficient method for evaluating items on Discord.

So Let us see now how to inspect elements on Discord using the LambdaTest platform.

  • Sign up for free and login to your LambdaTest account
  • Navigate to Real Time Testing > Browser Testing.
  • What is Selenium
  • Enter the discord URL, select Desktop/Mobile, and choose browser, VERSION, OS, and RESOLUTION. Press START.
  • What is Selenium

    A cloud-based machine will spin up, running a real browser and operating system.

  • Now right-click and select Inspect. It will be the developer tools where you can inspect elements on Discord.

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