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How to Mirror iPhone to Mac?

There can be times when you need to present a report or video recordings to folks. Delivering those reports or videos on your Mac is far more convenient than on your iPhone. This can be achieved by mirroring the iPhone screen to Mac.

To mirror the iPhone screen to Mac, you’ll need both iPhone and Mac to support the Continuity feature by Apple. Assuming your iPhone and Mac support the Continuity feature, it is easy to mirror the iPhone screen to Mac.

With the launch of macOS Monterey, it’s now simple to use Mac as an AirPlay display.

To mirror your iPhone screen, click the Screen Mirroring icon.

You'll see a menu where you can select your Mac as an AirPlay destination. Select it to start mirroring your iPhone screen on your Mac machine.

Let's consider a scenario where your iPhone and Mac don’t support the Continuity feature. Still, you can mirror the iPhone screen on your Mac. You can do this by using a third-party application to enable AirPlay. However, this is not a viable approach as this can be flaky and are not free.

Another approach is to use a Lightning to USB cable and mirror your iPhone screen with QuickTime - a popular multimedia player developed by Apple.

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac using the Lightning to USB cable. After that, start QuickTime.
  • Go to Select File > New Movie Recording and click the arrow next to the record button.
  • Choose your iPhone as the video source, and it will mirror your screen on Mac.

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