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How to open the console on Mac?

On the Mac, different processes and applications send system updates regarding their status and activity. In Console, these updates are called logs - written in technical language. The Console can help you find logs by searching for them, filtering them, or creating custom queries. The log record includes a timestamp, the name of the application or process, and its content.

Consoles are used to troubleshoot the system or applications. For example, if an application crashes regularly, using the log files generated in the Console, you can get the details about the application's activities, like the app's last actions, before crashing.

Since Console logs are generated in real-time, monitoring the Console can tell you about the activity on your Mac machine. It can be useful if you don't want to run any particular or unneeded processes.

To use the Console on Mac, you need to login as an administrator. After that, navigate to Applications > Utilities and double-click on Console to open it. Click on the device whose logs you wish to open, and it will list the color-coded logs in red, yellow, dark gray, and light gray.

Here is what different colors mean:

  • Red color: Fault
  • Yellow color: Error
  • Dark gray color: Debug log message
  • Light gray color: Info log message

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