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How to run TestNG using the command prompt?

TestNG gives the facility to run tests using the command prompt. Here are the steps you can follow for the same:

  • Build distinct testing classes with distinct @Test methods.
  • Compile the class; an out folder will be created in IntelliJ, and a bin folder will be created in Eclipse.
  • Move all of the jar files to the lib folder.
  • Create the testng.xml file as shown below.
  • Launch cmd.
  • Using cd project <path>, navigate to the project path.
  • Execute the following command.
java -cp <path of lib>; <path of out or bin folder>
org.testng.TestNG <path of testng>/testng.xml

By giving the classpath for the JVM, the path to the compiled.class files, and the location of the TestNG XML configuration file; this program performs TestNG tests in Java. TestNG subsequently reads the configuration file, and the given tests are executed.


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