How to unblock websites on Safari for Mac?

Sometimes, when you try to launch a website on Safari, you can’t get in. This is usually because of web filtering and geo-restrictions. Safari blocks access to sites that have been reported for malware or phishing. Geo-restrictions occur when you try to access web content from a location where it isn’t available or hasn’t been released yet.

To unblock websites on Safari for Mac, you can use the following approaches:

  • Using VPN service
  • Using Parental Controls
  • Using iPhone Settings

VPN Service: If you're unable to access a website on Safari, it may be blocked by your ISP or it is geo-restricted. A VPN, like Private Internet Access, can help you unblock the site and access its content. Using this VPN, you can easily browse the web anonymously and avoid any geo-restrictions.

Private Internet Access supports different technologies, including WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, and SOCKS5. It also doesn't store traffic logs, so you can browse anonymously.

Parental Controls: Next approach to access blocked websites in Safari is by checking Parental Controls on your Mac.

  • Open the Apple icon and select System Preferences.
  • Click Parental Controls.
  • Select the Lock icon in the bottom left, and enter your password.
  • Click Unlock
  • Choose your user account from the left pane. Select Allow unrestricted access to websites and save your changes.

iPhone Settings: You can access blocked websites in Safari by changing iPhone Settings.

  • Go to the Settings app and select Screen Time.
  • Select Content Restrictions.
  • Click Web Content and select Unrestricted Access.

You can also disable Content & Privacy Restrictions in the Screen Time section.


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