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What is Puppeteer?

Puppeteer is a test automation framework to perform headless browser testing of Google Chrome. It is a Node.js library to control headless Chrome over the DevTools Protocol. It also provides high-level APIs for automated testing, developing and debugging websites, inspecting elements, and profiling performance.

With Puppeteer, you can perform actions like clicking on links, filling out forms, and submitting buttons with the help of JavaScript commands. Puppeteer lets you automate features that you do manually in the web browser online. Here are some of those features.

  • Create a test environment to easily update your tests and run them on the latest Chrome version, along with the latest JavaScript, browser features, and API.
  • It supports cross browser and cross-platform testing and is compatible with various programming languages and frameworks.
  • You can integrate Puppeteer with popular CI and Agile tools like Jenkins, TravisCI, etc.
  • Automate form submission, UI testing, and other actions on your website.

Check out our Puppeteer tutorial for more in-depth information about the Puppeteer framework.


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