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Source: locations.js Github

1var COUNTRIES = [];
3COUNTRIES.push({value: 'US', label: 'United States'})
4COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AF', label: 'Afghanistan'})
5COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AL', label: 'Albania'})
6COUNTRIES.push({value: 'DZ', label: 'Algeria'})
7COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AS', label: 'American Samoa'})
8COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AD', label: 'Andorra'})
9COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AO', label: 'Angola'})
10COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AI', label: 'Anguilla'})
11COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AQ', label: 'Antarctica'})
12COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AG', label: 'Antigua and Barbuda'})
13COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AR', label: 'Argentina'})
14COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AM', label: 'Armenia'})
15COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AW', label: 'Aruba'})
16COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AU', label: 'Australia'})
17COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AT', label: 'Austria'})
18COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AZ', label: 'Azerbaijan'})
19COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AP', label: 'Azores'})
20COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BS', label: 'Bahamas'})
21COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BH', label: 'Bahrain'})
22COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BD', label: 'Bangladesh'})
23COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BB', label: 'Barbados'})
24COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BY', label: 'Belarus'})
25COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BE', label: 'Belgium'})
26COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BZ', label: 'Belize'})
27COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BJ', label: 'Benin'})
28COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BM', label: 'Bermuda'})
29COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BT', label: 'Bhutan'})
30COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BO', label: 'Bolivia'})
31COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BA', label: 'Bosnia And Herzegowina'})
32COUNTRIES.push({value: 'XB', label: 'Bosnia-Herzegovina'})
33COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BW', label: 'Botswana'})
34COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BV', label: 'Bouvet Island'})
35COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BR', label: 'Brazil'})
36COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IO', label: 'British Indian Ocean Territory'})
37COUNTRIES.push({value: 'VG', label: 'British Virgin Islands'})
38COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BN', label: 'Brunei Darussalam'})
39COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BG', label: 'Bulgaria'})
40COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BF', label: 'Burkina Faso'})
41COUNTRIES.push({value: 'BI', label: 'Burundi'})
42COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KH', label: 'Cambodia'})
43COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CM', label: 'Cameroon'})
44COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CA', label: 'Canada'})
45COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CV', label: 'Cape Verde'})
46COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KY', label: 'Cayman Islands'})
47COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CF', label: 'Central African Republic'})
48COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TD', label: 'Chad'})
49COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CL', label: 'Chile'})
50COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CN', label: 'China'})
51COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CX', label: 'Christmas Island'})
52COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CC', label: 'Cocos (Keeling) Islands'})
53COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CO', label: 'Colombia'})
54COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KM', label: 'Comoros'})
55COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CG', label: 'Congo'})
56COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CD', label: 'Congo, The Democratic Republic O'})
57COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CK', label: 'Cook Islands'})
58COUNTRIES.push({value: 'XE', label: 'Corsica'})
59COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CR', label: 'Costa Rica'})
60COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CI', label: 'Cote d` Ivoire (Ivory Coast)'})
61COUNTRIES.push({value: 'HR', label: 'Croatia'})
62COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CU', label: 'Cuba'})
63COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CY', label: 'Cyprus'})
64COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CZ', label: 'Czech Republic'})
65COUNTRIES.push({value: 'DK', label: 'Denmark'})
66COUNTRIES.push({value: 'DJ', label: 'Djibouti'})
67COUNTRIES.push({value: 'DM', label: 'Dominica'})
68COUNTRIES.push({value: 'DO', label: 'Dominican Republic'})
69COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TP', label: 'East Timor'})
70COUNTRIES.push({value: 'EC', label: 'Ecuador'})
71COUNTRIES.push({value: 'EG', label: 'Egypt'})
72COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SV', label: 'El Salvador'})
73COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GQ', label: 'Equatorial Guinea'})
74COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ER', label: 'Eritrea'})
75COUNTRIES.push({value: 'EE', label: 'Estonia'})
76COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ET', label: 'Ethiopia'})
77COUNTRIES.push({value: 'FK', label: 'Falkland Islands (Malvinas)'})
78COUNTRIES.push({value: 'FO', label: 'Faroe Islands'})
79COUNTRIES.push({value: 'FJ', label: 'Fiji'})
80COUNTRIES.push({value: 'FI', label: 'Finland'})
81COUNTRIES.push({value: 'FR', label: 'France (Includes Monaco)'})
82COUNTRIES.push({value: 'FX', label: 'France, Metropolitan'})
83COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GF', label: 'French Guiana'})
84COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PF', label: 'French Polynesia'})
85COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TA', label: 'French Polynesia (Tahiti)'})
86COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TF', label: 'French Southern Territories'})
87COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GA', label: 'Gabon'})
88COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GM', label: 'Gambia'})
89COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GE', label: 'Georgia'})
90COUNTRIES.push({value: 'DE', label: 'Germany'})
91COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GH', label: 'Ghana'})
92COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GI', label: 'Gibraltar'})
93COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GR', label: 'Greece'})
94COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GL', label: 'Greenland'})
95COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GD', label: 'Grenada'})
96COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GP', label: 'Guadeloupe'})
97COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GU', label: 'Guam'})
98COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GT', label: 'Guatemala'})
99COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GN', label: 'Guinea'})
100COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GW', label: 'Guinea-Bissau'})
101COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GY', label: 'Guyana'})
102COUNTRIES.push({value: 'HT', label: 'Haiti'})
103COUNTRIES.push({value: 'HM', label: 'Heard And Mc Donald Islands'})
104COUNTRIES.push({value: 'VA', label: 'Holy See (Vatican City State)'})
105COUNTRIES.push({value: 'HN', label: 'Honduras'})
106COUNTRIES.push({value: 'HK', label: 'Hong Kong'})
107COUNTRIES.push({value: 'HU', label: 'Hungary'})
108COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IS', label: 'Iceland'})
109COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IN', label: 'India'})
110COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ID', label: 'Indonesia'})
111COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IR', label: 'Iran'})
112COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IQ', label: 'Iraq'})
113COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IE', label: 'Ireland'})
114COUNTRIES.push({value: 'EI', label: 'Ireland (Eire)'})
115COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IL', label: 'Israel'})
116COUNTRIES.push({value: 'IT', label: 'Italy'})
117COUNTRIES.push({value: 'JM', label: 'Jamaica'})
118COUNTRIES.push({value: 'JP', label: 'Japan'})
119COUNTRIES.push({value: 'JO', label: 'Jordan'})
120COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KZ', label: 'Kazakhstan'})
121COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KE', label: 'Kenya'})
122COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KI', label: 'Kiribati'})
123COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KP', label: 'Korea, Democratic People\'S Repub'})
124COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KW', label: 'Kuwait'})
125COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KG', label: 'Kyrgyzstan'})
126COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LA', label: 'Laos'})
127COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LV', label: 'Latvia'})
128COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LB', label: 'Lebanon'})
129COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LS', label: 'Lesotho'})
130COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LR', label: 'Liberia'})
131COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LY', label: 'Libya'})
132COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LI', label: 'Liechtenstein'})
133COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LT', label: 'Lithuania'})
134COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LU', label: 'Luxembourg'})
135COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MO', label: 'Macao'})
136COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MK', label: 'Macedonia'})
137COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MG', label: 'Madagascar'})
138COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ME', label: 'Madeira Islands'})
139COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MW', label: 'Malawi'})
140COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MY', label: 'Malaysia'})
141COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MV', label: 'Maldives'})
142COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ML', label: 'Mali'})
143COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MT', label: 'Malta'})
144COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MH', label: 'Marshall Islands'})
145COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MQ', label: 'Martinique'})
146COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MR', label: 'Mauritania'})
147COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MU', label: 'Mauritius'})
148COUNTRIES.push({value: 'YT', label: 'Mayotte'})
149COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MX', label: 'Mexico'})
150COUNTRIES.push({value: 'FM', label: 'Micronesia, Federated States Of'})
151COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MD', label: 'Moldova, Republic Of'})
152COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MC', label: 'Monaco'})
153COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MN', label: 'Mongolia'})
154COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MS', label: 'Montserrat'})
155COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MA', label: 'Morocco'})
156COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MZ', label: 'Mozambique'})
157COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MM', label: 'Myanmar (Burma)'})
158COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NA', label: 'Namibia'})
159COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NR', label: 'Nauru'})
160COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NP', label: 'Nepal'})
161COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NL', label: 'Netherlands'})
162COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AN', label: 'Netherlands Antilles'})
163COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NC', label: 'New Caledonia'})
164COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NZ', label: 'New Zealand'})
165COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NI', label: 'Nicaragua'})
166COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NE', label: 'Niger'})
167COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NG', label: 'Nigeria'})
168COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NU', label: 'Niue'})
169COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NF', label: 'Norfolk Island'})
170COUNTRIES.push({value: 'MP', label: 'Northern Mariana Islands'})
171COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NO', label: 'Norway'})
172COUNTRIES.push({value: 'OM', label: 'Oman'})
173COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PK', label: 'Pakistan'})
174COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PW', label: 'Palau'})
175COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PS', label: 'Palestinian Territory, Occupied'})
176COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PA', label: 'Panama'})
177COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PG', label: 'Papua New Guinea'})
178COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PY', label: 'Paraguay'})
179COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PE', label: 'Peru'})
180COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PH', label: 'Philippines'})
181COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PN', label: 'Pitcairn'})
182COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PL', label: 'Poland'})
183COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PT', label: 'Portugal'})
184COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PR', label: 'Puerto Rico'})
185COUNTRIES.push({value: 'QA', label: 'Qatar'})
186COUNTRIES.push({value: 'RE', label: 'Reunion'})
187COUNTRIES.push({value: 'RO', label: 'Romania'})
188COUNTRIES.push({value: 'RU', label: 'Russian Federation'})
189COUNTRIES.push({value: 'RW', label: 'Rwanda'})
190COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KN', label: 'Saint Kitts And Nevis'})
191COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SM', label: 'San Marino'})
192COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ST', label: 'Sao Tome and Principe'})
193COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SA', label: 'Saudi Arabia'})
194COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SN', label: 'Senegal'})
195COUNTRIES.push({value: 'XS', label: 'Serbia-Montenegro'})
196COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SC', label: 'Seychelles'})
197COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SL', label: 'Sierra Leone'})
198COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SG', label: 'Singapore'})
199COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SK', label: 'Slovak Republic'})
200COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SI', label: 'Slovenia'})
201COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SB', label: 'Solomon Islands'})
202COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SO', label: 'Somalia'})
203COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ZA', label: 'South Africa'})
204COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GS', label: 'South Georgia And The South Sand'})
205COUNTRIES.push({value: 'KR', label: 'South Korea'})
206COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ES', label: 'Spain'})
207COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LK', label: 'Sri Lanka'})
208COUNTRIES.push({value: 'NV', label: 'St. Christopher and Nevis'})
209COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SH', label: 'St. Helena'})
210COUNTRIES.push({value: 'LC', label: 'St. Lucia'})
211COUNTRIES.push({value: 'PM', label: 'St. Pierre and Miquelon'})
212COUNTRIES.push({value: 'VC', label: 'St. Vincent and the Grenadines'})
213COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SD', label: 'Sudan'})
214COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SR', label: 'Suriname'})
215COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SJ', label: 'Svalbard And Jan Mayen Islands'})
216COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SZ', label: 'Swaziland'})
217COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SE', label: 'Sweden'})
218COUNTRIES.push({value: 'CH', label: 'Switzerland'})
219COUNTRIES.push({value: 'SY', label: 'Syrian Arab Republic'})
220COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TW', label: 'Taiwan'})
221COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TJ', label: 'Tajikistan'})
222COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TZ', label: 'Tanzania'})
223COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TH', label: 'Thailand'})
224COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TG', label: 'Togo'})
225COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TK', label: 'Tokelau'})
226COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TO', label: 'Tonga'})
227COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TT', label: 'Trinidad and Tobago'})
228COUNTRIES.push({value: 'XU', label: 'Tristan da Cunha'})
229COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TN', label: 'Tunisia'})
230COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TR', label: 'Turkey'})
231COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TM', label: 'Turkmenistan'})
232COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TC', label: 'Turks and Caicos Islands'})
233COUNTRIES.push({value: 'TV', label: 'Tuvalu'})
234COUNTRIES.push({value: 'UG', label: 'Uganda'})
235COUNTRIES.push({value: 'UA', label: 'Ukraine'})
236COUNTRIES.push({value: 'AE', label: 'United Arab Emirates'})
237COUNTRIES.push({value: 'UK', label: 'United Kingdom'})
238COUNTRIES.push({value: 'GB', label: 'Great Britain'})
239COUNTRIES.push({value: 'UM', label: 'United States Minor Outlying Isl'})
240COUNTRIES.push({value: 'UY', label: 'Uruguay'})
241COUNTRIES.push({value: 'UZ', label: 'Uzbekistan'})
242COUNTRIES.push({value: 'VU', label: 'Vanuatu'})
243COUNTRIES.push({value: 'XV', label: 'Vatican City'})
244COUNTRIES.push({value: 'VE', label: 'Venezuela'})
245COUNTRIES.push({value: 'VN', label: 'Vietnam'})
246COUNTRIES.push({value: 'VI', label: 'Virgin Islands (U.S.)'})
247COUNTRIES.push({value: 'WF', label: 'Wallis and Furuna Islands'})
248COUNTRIES.push({value: 'EH', label: 'Western Sahara'})
249COUNTRIES.push({value: 'WS', label: 'Western Samoa'})
250COUNTRIES.push({value: 'YE', label: 'Yemen'})
251COUNTRIES.push({value: 'YU', label: 'Yugoslavia'})
252COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ZR', label: 'Zaire'})
253COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ZM', label: 'Zambia'})
254COUNTRIES.push({value: 'ZW', label: 'Zimbabwe'})
256var STATES = {
257  US: [],
258  CA: [],
259  UK: [],
260  BR: [],
261  AU: [],
262  NL: [],
263  EI: [],
266STATES.US.push({label: 'Alaska', value: 'AK'});
267STATES.US.push({label: 'Alabama', value: 'AL'});
268STATES.US.push({label: 'Arkansas', value: 'AR'});
269STATES.US.push({label: 'American Samoa', value: 'AS'});
270STATES.US.push({label: 'Arizona', value: 'AZ'});
271STATES.US.push({label: 'California', value: 'CA'});
272STATES.US.push({label: 'Colorado', value: 'CO'});
273STATES.US.push({label: 'Connecticut', value: 'CT'});
274STATES.US.push({label: 'D.C.', value: 'DC'});
275STATES.US.push({label: 'Delaware', value: 'DE'});
276STATES.US.push({label: 'Florida', value: 'FL'});
277STATES.US.push({label: 'Micronesia', value: 'FM'});
278STATES.US.push({label: 'Georgia', value: 'GA'});
279STATES.US.push({label: 'Guam', value: 'GU'});
280STATES.US.push({label: 'Hawaii', value: 'HI'});
281STATES.US.push({label: 'Iowa', value: 'IA'});
282STATES.US.push({label: 'Idaho', value: 'ID'});
283STATES.US.push({label: 'Illinois', value: 'IL'});
284STATES.US.push({label: 'Indiana', value: 'IN'});
285STATES.US.push({label: 'Kansas', value: 'KS'});
286STATES.US.push({label: 'Kentucky', value: 'KY'});
287STATES.US.push({label: 'Louisiana', value: 'LA'});
288STATES.US.push({label: 'Massachusetts', value: 'MA'});
289STATES.US.push({label: 'Maryland', value: 'MD'});
290STATES.US.push({label: 'Maine', value: 'ME'});
291STATES.US.push({label: 'Marshall Islands', value: 'MH'});
292STATES.US.push({label: 'Michigan', value: 'MI'});
293STATES.US.push({label: 'Minnesota', value: 'MN'});
294STATES.US.push({label: 'Missouri', value: 'MO'});
295STATES.US.push({label: 'Marianas', value: 'MP'});
296STATES.US.push({label: 'Mississippi', value: 'MS'});
297STATES.US.push({label: 'Montana', value: 'MT'});
298STATES.US.push({label: 'North Carolina', value: 'NC'});
299STATES.US.push({label: 'North Dakota', value: 'ND'});
300STATES.US.push({label: 'Nebraska', value: 'NE'});
301STATES.US.push({label: 'New Hampshire', value: 'NH'});
302STATES.US.push({label: 'New Jersey', value: 'NJ'});
303STATES.US.push({label: 'New Mexico', value: 'NM'});
304STATES.US.push({label: 'Nevada', value: 'NV'});
305STATES.US.push({label: 'New York', value: 'NY'});
306STATES.US.push({label: 'Ohio', value: 'OH'});
307STATES.US.push({label: 'Oklahoma', value: 'OK'});
308STATES.US.push({label: 'Oregon', value: 'OR'});
309STATES.US.push({label: 'Pennsylvania', value: 'PA'});
310STATES.US.push({label: 'Puerto Rico', value: 'PR'});
311STATES.US.push({label: 'Palau', value: 'PW'});
312STATES.US.push({label: 'Rhode Island', value: 'RI'});
313STATES.US.push({label: 'South Carolina', value: 'SC'});
314STATES.US.push({label: 'South Dakota', value: 'SD'});
315STATES.US.push({label: 'Tennessee', value: 'TN'});
316STATES.US.push({label: 'Texas', value: 'TX'});
317STATES.US.push({label: 'Utah', value: 'UT'});
318STATES.US.push({label: 'Virginia', value: 'VA'});
319STATES.US.push({label: 'Virgin Islands', value: 'VI'});
320STATES.US.push({label: 'Vermont', value: 'VT'});
321STATES.US.push({label: 'Washington', value: 'WA'});
322STATES.US.push({label: 'Wisconsin', value: 'WI'});
323STATES.US.push({label: 'West Virginia', value: 'WV'});
324STATES.US.push({label: 'Wyoming', value: 'WY'});
325STATES.US.push({label: 'Military Americas', value: 'AA'});
326STATES.US.push({label: 'Military Europe/ME/Canada', value: 'AE'});
327STATES.US.push({label: 'Military Pacific', value: 'AP'});
328STATES.CA.push({label: 'Alberta', value: 'AB'});
329STATES.CA.push({label: 'Manitoba', value: 'MB'});
330STATES.CA.push({label: 'Alberta', value: 'AB'});
331STATES.CA.push({label: 'British Columbia', value: 'BC'});
332STATES.CA.push({label: 'Manitoba', value: 'MB'});
333STATES.CA.push({label: 'New Brunswick', value: 'NB'});
334STATES.CA.push({label: 'Newfoundland and Labrador', value: 'NL'});
335STATES.CA.push({label: 'Nova Scotia', value: 'NS'});
336STATES.CA.push({label: 'Northwest Territories', value: 'NT'});
337STATES.CA.push({label: 'Nunavut', value: 'NU'});
338STATES.CA.push({label: 'Ontario', value: 'ON'});
339STATES.CA.push({label: 'Prince Edward Island', value: 'PE'});
340STATES.CA.push({label: 'Quebec', value: 'QC'});
341STATES.CA.push({label: 'Saskatchewan', value: 'SK'});
342STATES.CA.push({label: 'Yukon Territory', value: 'YT'});
343STATES.AU.push({label: 'Australian Antarctic Territory', value: 'AA'});
344STATES.AU.push({label: 'Australian Capital Territory', value: 'AC'});
345STATES.AU.push({label: 'Northern Territory', value: 'NT'});
346STATES.AU.push({label: 'New South Wales', value: 'NS'});
347STATES.AU.push({label: 'Queensland', value: 'QL'});
348STATES.AU.push({label: 'South Australia', value: 'SA'});
349STATES.AU.push({label: 'Tasmania', value: 'TA'});
350STATES.AU.push({label: 'Victoria', value: 'VI'});
351STATES.AU.push({label: 'Western Australia', value: 'WA'});
352STATES.BR.push({label: 'Acre', value: 'AC'});
353STATES.BR.push({label: 'Alagoas', value: 'AL'});
354STATES.BR.push({label: 'Amazonas', value: 'AM'});
355STATES.BR.push({label: 'Amapa', value: 'AP'});
356STATES.BR.push({label: 'Baia', value: 'BA'});
357STATES.BR.push({label: 'Ceara', value: 'CE'});
358STATES.BR.push({label: 'Distrito Federal', value: 'DF'});
359STATES.BR.push({label: 'Espirito Santo', value: 'ES'});
360STATES.BR.push({label: 'Fernando de Noronha', value: 'FN'});
361STATES.BR.push({label: 'Goias', value: 'GO'});
362STATES.BR.push({label: 'Maranhao', value: 'MA'});
363STATES.BR.push({label: 'Minas Gerais', value: 'MG'});
364STATES.BR.push({label: 'Mato Grosso do Sul', value: 'MS'});
365STATES.BR.push({label: 'Mato Grosso', value: 'MT'});
366STATES.BR.push({label: 'Para', value: 'PA'});
367STATES.BR.push({label: 'Paraiba', value: 'PB'});
368STATES.BR.push({label: 'Pernambuco', value: 'PE'});
369STATES.BR.push({label: 'Piaui', value: 'PI'});
370STATES.BR.push({label: 'Parana', value: 'PR'});
371STATES.BR.push({label: 'Rio de Janeiro', value: 'RJ'});
372STATES.BR.push({label: 'Rio Grande do Norte', value: 'RN'});
373STATES.BR.push({label: 'Rondonia', value: 'RO'});
374STATES.BR.push({label: 'Roraima', value: 'RR'});
375STATES.BR.push({label: 'Rio Grande do Sul', value: 'RS'});
376STATES.BR.push({label: 'Santa Catarina', value: 'SC'});
377STATES.BR.push({label: 'Sergipe', value: 'SE'});
378STATES.BR.push({label: 'Sao Paulo', value: 'SP'});
379STATES.BR.push({label: 'Tocatins', value: 'TO'});
380STATES.NL.push({label: 'Drente', value: 'DR'});
381STATES.NL.push({label: 'Flevoland', value: 'FL'});
382STATES.NL.push({label: 'Friesland', value: 'FR'});
383STATES.NL.push({label: 'Gelderland', value: 'GL'});
384STATES.NL.push({label: 'Groningen', value: 'GR'});
385STATES.NL.push({label: 'Limburg', value: 'LB'});
386STATES.NL.push({label: 'Noord Brabant', value: 'NB'});
387STATES.NL.push({label: 'Noord Holland', value: 'NH'});
388STATES.NL.push({label: 'Overijssel', value: 'OV'});
389STATES.NL.push({label: 'Utrecht', value: 'UT'});
390STATES.NL.push({label: 'Zuid Holland', value: 'ZH'});
391STATES.NL.push({label: 'Zeeland', value: 'ZL'});
392STATES.UK.push({label: 'Avon', value: 'AV'});
393STATES.UK.push({label: 'Bedfordshire', value: 'BE'});
394STATES.UK.push({label: 'Berkshire', value: 'BE'});
395STATES.UK.push({label: 'Buckinghamshire', value: 'BU'});
396STATES.UK.push({label: 'Cambridgeshire', value: 'CA'});
397STATES.UK.push({label: 'Cheshire', value: 'CH'});
398STATES.UK.push({label: 'Cleveland', value: 'CL'});
399STATES.UK.push({label: 'Cornwall', value: 'CO'});
400STATES.UK.push({label: 'Cumbria', value: 'CU'});
401STATES.UK.push({label: 'Derbyshire', value: 'DE'});
402STATES.UK.push({label: 'Devon', value: 'DE'});
403STATES.UK.push({label: 'Dorset', value: 'DO'});
404STATES.UK.push({label: 'Durham', value: 'DU'});
405STATES.UK.push({label: 'Essex', value: 'ES'});
406STATES.UK.push({label: 'Gloucestershire', value: 'GL'});
407STATES.UK.push({label: 'Greater London', value: 'GL'});
408STATES.UK.push({label: 'Greater Manchester', value: 'GM'});
409STATES.UK.push({label: 'Hampshire', value: 'HA'});
410STATES.UK.push({label: 'Hereford & Worcestershire', value: 'HE'});
411STATES.UK.push({label: 'Hertfordshire', value: 'HE'});
412STATES.UK.push({label: 'Humberside', value: 'HU'});
413STATES.UK.push({label: 'Isle of Man', value: 'IO'});
414STATES.UK.push({label: 'Isle of Wight', value: 'IO'});
415STATES.UK.push({label: 'Kent', value: 'KE'});
416STATES.UK.push({label: 'Lancashire', value: 'LA'});
417STATES.UK.push({label: 'Leicestershire', value: 'LE'});
418STATES.UK.push({label: 'Lincolnshire', value: 'LI'});
419STATES.UK.push({label: 'Merseyside', value: 'ME'});
420STATES.UK.push({label: 'Norfolk', value: 'NO'});
421STATES.UK.push({label: 'Northamptonshire', value: 'NH'});
422STATES.UK.push({label: 'Northumberland', value: 'NT'});
423STATES.UK.push({label: 'Nottinghamshire', value: 'NO'});
424STATES.UK.push({label: 'Oxfordshire', value: 'OX'});
425STATES.UK.push({label: 'Shropshire', value: 'SH'});
426STATES.UK.push({label: 'Somerset', value: 'SO'});
427STATES.UK.push({label: 'Staffordshire', value: 'ST'});
428STATES.UK.push({label: 'Suffolk', value: 'SU'});
429STATES.UK.push({label: 'Surrey', value: 'SU'});
430STATES.UK.push({label: 'Sussex', value: 'SU'});
431STATES.UK.push({label: 'Warwickshire', value: 'WA'});
432STATES.UK.push({label: 'West Midlands', value: 'WM'});
433STATES.UK.push({label: 'Wiltshire', value: 'WI'});
434STATES.UK.push({label: 'Yorkshire', value: 'YO'});
435STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Antrim', value: 'CO'});
436STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Armagh', value: 'CO'});
437STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Down', value: 'CO'});
438STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Fermanagh', value: 'CO'});
439STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Londonderry', value: 'CO'});
440STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Tyrone', value: 'CO'});
441STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Cavan', value: 'CO'});
442STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Donegal', value: 'CO'});
443STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Monaghan', value: 'CO'});
444STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Dublin', value: 'CO'});
445STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Carlow', value: 'CO'});
446STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Kildare', value: 'CO'});
447STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Kilkenny', value: 'CO'});
448STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Laois', value: 'CO'});
449STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Longford', value: 'CO'});
450STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Louth', value: 'CO'});
451STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Meath', value: 'CO'});
452STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Offaly', value: 'CO'});
453STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Westmeath', value: 'CO'});
454STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Wexford', value: 'CO'});
455STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Wicklow', value: 'CO'});
456STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Galway', value: 'CO'});
457STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Mayo', value: 'CO'});
458STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Leitrim', value: 'CO'});
459STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Roscommon', value: 'CO'});
460STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Sligo', value: 'CO'});
461STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Clare', value: 'CO'});
462STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Cork', value: 'CO'});
463STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Kerry', value: 'CO'});
464STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Limerick', value: 'CO'});
465STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Tipperary', value: 'CO'});
466STATES.EI.push({label: 'County Waterford', value: 'CO'});
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Source: ClickInfo_FusionTable.js Github

1function Click_Info(Cod_Regi){
3	var Properties_Comu = [];
4	switch (Cod_Regi) {
5		case "CMD1":
6			Properties_Comu.push(" Capitão Felizardo");
7			Properties_Comu.push("Cana, milho, feijão, mandioca, café");
8			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
9			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, carambola, acerola, manga, uva, limão, goiaba");
10			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo, doces, cachaça, farinha de mandioca, fubá de milho");
11			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), suínos, gado (para atividade leiteira))");
12			break;
14		case "CMD2":
15			Properties_Comu.push(" Costa Sena e Goiabeiras");
16			Properties_Comu.push("Cana, milho, feijão, mandioca, café");
17			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
18			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, acerola, manga, limão, abacate e goiaba");
19			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo, requeijão, polvilho, farinha de mandioca");
20			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), suínos e gado (para atividade leiteira)");
21			break;
23		case "CMD3":
24			Properties_Comu.push(" Tapera e Santo Antônio do Cruzeiro");
25			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, mandioca, amendoim, inhame e café   ");
26			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
27			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, manga");
28			Properties_Comu.push("Quitandas (biscoito de polvilho, biscoito de amendoim, rosquinhas e pão de goiabada), doces (de laranja, limão, goiaba), geleias de frutas");
29			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos)");
30			break;
32		case "CMD4":
33			Properties_Comu.push(" Ouro Fino e Córregos");
34			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, mandioca, feijão, café");
35			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
36			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, carambola, acerola, caqui, goiaba");
37			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo, requeijão, quitandas, doce de leite");
38			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos e peixes");
39			break;
41		case "CMD5":
42			Properties_Comu.push(" Água Quente e Sapo");
43			Properties_Comu.push("Cana, milho, feijão, mandioca, café");
44			Properties_Comu.push("Não são mais cultivadas devido à falta d’água, com exceção da comunidade de Passa Sete");
45			Properties_Comu.push("Frutas não desenvolvem mais em seus quintais");
46			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo (somente para consumo), farinha de mandioca");
47			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira)");
48			break;
50		case "CMD6":
51			Properties_Comu.push(" Parauninha e Itacolomi");
52			Properties_Comu.push("Mandioca, cana, milho, feijão");
53			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
54			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, manga, uvaia, goiaba");
55			Properties_Comu.push("Farinha de mandioca, cachaça, rapadura e doces");
56			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira)");
57			break;
59		case "CMD7":
60			Properties_Comu.push(" Tabuleiro");
61			Properties_Comu.push("Mandioca, cana, milho, amendoim, feijão, inhame, café e batata doce");
62			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
63			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, manga, jabuticaba,  goiaba");
64			Properties_Comu.push("Farinha de mandioca, cachaça e rapadura");
65			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), suínos e abelhas");
66			break;
68		case "CMD8":
69			Properties_Comu.push("Três Barras, Buraco e Cubas");
70			Properties_Comu.push("Feijão, milho, mandioca, cana e café");
71			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
72			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, manga, mamão, mexerica, limão, goiaba");
73			Properties_Comu.push(" queijo, fubá, mel, farinha de mandioca");
74			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para a atividade leiteira), abelhas e peixes");
75			break;
77		case "CMD9":
78			Properties_Comu.push(" Brejaúba e Socorro");
79			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, mandioca, feijão, amendoim e café");
80			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
81			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, manga, jabuticaba, mexerica, goiaba");
82			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo, requeijão, muçarela, quitandas, fubá de milho, rapadura");
83			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos, abelhas");
84			break;
86		case "AM1":
87			Properties_Comu.push(" Lapinha e Ribeirão Santana");
88			Properties_Comu.push("Cana, milho, feijão, mandioca e café");
89			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
90			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, acerola, manga, mexerica, mamão, goiaba");
91			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo (certificado), doces, geleias, quitandas, farinha de mandioca e rala de queijo");
92			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos, peixes");
93			break;
95		case "AM2":
96			Properties_Comu.push(" Fazenda da Ponte");
97			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, cana, feijão, inhame e mandioca");
98			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
99			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, acerola, manga, mamão, limão e goiaba");
100			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo (certificado), cachaça e farinha de mandioca");
101			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos");
102			break;
104		case "AM3":
105			Properties_Comu.push(" Descoberto e Bom Jesus");
106			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, feijão, mandioca, café");
107			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
108			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja e acerola");
109			Properties_Comu.push("Farinha de mandioca");
110			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado, suínos e peixes");
111			break;
113		case "AM4":
114			Properties_Comu.push(" Morro dos Monteiros");
115			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, feijão,  mandioca e café");
116			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
117			Properties_Comu.push("Banana");
118			Properties_Comu.push("Farinha de mandioca");
119			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos),  peixe");
120			break;
122		case "AM5":
123			Properties_Comu.push(" Ribeirão de Trás");
124			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, cana, feijão, mandioca, arroz, inhame, café");
125			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
126			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, acerola, mamão, mexerica e goiaba");
127			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo, farinha de mandioca, doces, geleias, rapadura e melado");
128			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos");
129			break;
131		case "DJ1":
132			Properties_Comu.push(" Cachoeira");
133			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, cana, feijão, arroz, café,mandioca");
134			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
135			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, acerola, mamão, abacate, mexerica e goiaba");
136			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo, rapadura e melado");
137			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos");
138			break;
140		case "DJ2":
141			Properties_Comu.push(" Machados");
142			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, cana, feijão, cafe");
143			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
144			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, carambola, mexerica e abacaxi");
145			Properties_Comu.push("Quitandas, doces e requeijão");
146			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos");
147			break;
149		case "DJ3":
150			Properties_Comu.push(" São José da Ilha");
151			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, cana, feijão e mandioca");
152			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
153			Properties_Comu.push("Mamão, manga, goiaba, laranja e mexerica");
154			Properties_Comu.push("Quitandas, doce de leite, doces de frutas (cidra, mamão, manga e goiaba) e cachaça");
155			Properties_Comu.push(" galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos");
156			break;
158		case "DJ4":
159			Properties_Comu.push(" Sesmaria e Serra");
160			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, cana, feijão, mandioca, café");
161			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
162			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, acerola, manga, amora, graviola e goiaba");
163			Properties_Comu.push("Queijo, requeijão, muçarela, provolone, iogurte, doce de leite, quitandas, doces e geleias de frutas diversas");
164			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha (ovos), gado (para atividade leiteira), suínos, abelhas");
165			break;
167		case "DJ5":
168			Properties_Comu.push(" São João");
169			Properties_Comu.push("Milho, cana, feijão, café e mandioca");
170			Properties_Comu.push("Possui");
171			Properties_Comu.push("Banana, laranja, pera, goiaba e araçá");
172			Properties_Comu.push("Mel, própolis e cachaça");
173			Properties_Comu.push("Galinha, ovos e abelhas");
174			break;
175	}
177	return Properties_Comu;
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