Selenium WebdriverIO Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide, with Examples & Best Practices

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  • Selenium WebdriverIO Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide, with Examples & Best Practices


Do you know WebdriverIO is often called a next-gen browser and mobile test automation framework? The testing community widely uses the WebdriverIO framework to perform automation testing on web applications and native mobile applications. Wondering why? Because the tests performed on WebdriverIO are simple and concise. Also, it lets you control browsers with just a few lines of code. All these reasons have made testers adopt WebdriverIO to fulfill their browser testing needs.


What is WebdriverIO used for?
Being an open source testing automation tool, WebdriverIO is useful for testing iOS-enabled web and native mobile applications. The WebdriverIO framework is written in JavaScript and it runs on NodeJS. As it simplifies your interaction with the app that you built, WebdriverIO also helps in creating a stable and scalable test suite by offering the right set of plugins.
Does WebdriverIO require the use of Selenium?
The WebdriverIO project is not capable of handling the Selenium server on its own. The Selenium Standalone Service uses the Selenium Standalone NPM package, which sets up the server and all the required drivers to seamlessly run Selenium while running tests with WebdriverIO test runner.
How do I run a WebdriverIO test?
Here’s how you can run a WebdriverIO test -
  1. Install Node.JS and npm.
  2. Create a project workspace.
  3. Initialize package.json.
  4. Install webdriverIO CLI
  5. Create a WebdriverIO Config file.
  6. Create a Test Folder and Test Script File.
  7. Verify the wdio Test Runner.
What is the difference between WebdriverIO and Protractor?
Protractor focuses on the testing for Angular projects whereas WebdriverIO focuses on testing of React applications. Also, WebdriverIO tends to have a built-in mechanism to allow pages to load in Angular. Along with this, WebdriverIO provides support for both IOS and Android OS whereas Protractor does not seem to provide any for the mobile platforms.

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