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1# coding=utf-82import re3import hmac4import time5import traceback6import requests7from functools import wraps8# from flask.ext.babel import gettext as _9from flask import g, session, redirect, current_app, request, render_template, jsonify10__author__ = 'Feng Lu'11token_re = re.compile(r"\??\b_token=\w+&?")12def res_json(code, data, message, success, **kwargs):13 res = jsonify(14 code=code,15 data=data,16 message=message,17 success=success,18 **kwargs19 )20 if str(code) in ["200", "401", "403"]:21 res.status_code = code22 return res23class PermissionDeniedException(Exception):24 def __init__(self, permissions):25 super(Exception, self).__init__('permissions %(perm)s required', perm=' or '.join(permissions))26class Auth(object):27 @classmethod28 def required(cls, permissions, error_resp_type="json"):29 if not (isinstance(permissions, list) or isinstance(permissions, tuple)):30 permissions = [permissions, ]31 if "super.admin" not in permissions:32 permissions.append("super.admin")33 def wrap(func):34 @wraps(func)35 def inner_wrap(*args, **kwargs):36 if hasattr(g, 'user'):37 if any(map(lambda x: x in permissions, g.user['permissions'])):38 return func(*args, **kwargs)39 if len(permissions) == 0:40 return func(*args, **kwargs)41 msg = u"没有权限访问: %s" % func.__name__42 if error_resp_type == "json":43 return res_json(**{"code": 403, "data": "", "message": (msg), "success": False})44 elif error_resp_type == "html":45 return render_template("common/fail.html", message=msg)46 else:47 return res_json(**{"code": 403, "data": "", "message": (msg), "success": False})48 return inner_wrap49 return wrap50 @classmethod51 def allow(cls, permissions):52 if not (isinstance(permissions, list) or isinstance(permissions, tuple)):53 permissions = [permissions, ]54 if "super.admin" not in permissions:55 permissions.append("super.admin")56 if not hasattr(g, 'user'):57 return False58 if any(map(lambda x: x in permissions, g.user['permissions'])) or len(permissions) == 0:59 return True60 return False61 @classmethod62 def load_user(cls):63 if not current_app.config.get('SSO_ENABLE'):64 g.user = current_app.config.get("LOCAL_USER")65 return66 if request.values.get("_token"):67 session["user_token"] = request.values.get("_token")68 if session.get('user_token'):69 url = '%s/account/user_info.json?token=%s&secret=%s&app=%d' % (70 current_app.config.get('SSO_URL'),71 session.get('user_token'),72 current_app.config.get('SSO_APP_SECRET'),73 current_app.config.get('SSO_APP_ID')74 )75 try:76 req = requests.get(url)77 resp = req.json()78 if resp['code'] == 200:79 g.user = resp["data"]80 if token_re.findall(request.url):81 return redirect(token_re.sub("", request.url))82 elif resp['code'] == 403:83 return render_template("include/fail.html", message=resp["message"])84 else:85 return redirect('/account/login?redirect=%s' % (token_re.sub("", request.url)))86 except Exception as e:87 return redirect('/account/login?redirect=%s' % (token_re.sub("", request.url)))88 else:89 return redirect('/account/login?redirect=%s' % (token_re.sub("", request.url)))90 @classmethod91 def load_api(cls):92 """93 """94 if not current_app.config.get('SSO_ENABLE'):95 g.user = current_app.config.get("LOCAL_USER")96 return97 # 必须要提供三个头参数98 secretid = request.headers.get("x-secretid")99 timestamp = request.headers.get("x-timestamp")100 signature = request.headers.get("x-signature")101 if secretid and timestamp and signature:102 serv_timestamp = time.strftime('%s', time.localtime())103 delta = abs(int(serv_timestamp) - int(timestamp))104 if delta > 60:105 return jsonify(106 {"retcode": -1,107 "msg": "The timestamp you provide is difference to server up to 60s, please check your system time",108 "result": "", "type": "str"})109 url = '%s/account/secret/%s' % (current_app.config.get('SSO_URL'), secretid)110 try:111 req = requests.get(url)112 resp = req.json()113 if resp['status'] == 200:114 secret = resp["secret"]115 query_keys = request.values.keys()116 query_keys.sort()117 query = []118 for key in query_keys:119 query.append("%s=%s" % (key, request.values[key]))120 body = '&'.join(query)121 # 生成签名122 serv_signature =["key"]), body).hexdigest()123 if serv_signature != signature:124 return jsonify({"retcode": -1, "msg": "x-signature is incrrect! ", "result": "", "type": "str"})125 g.user = resp126 if token_re.findall(request.url):127 return redirect(token_re.sub("", request.url))128 else:129 return jsonify({"retcode": -1, "msg": resp.get("message"), "result": "", "type": "str"})130 except Exception as e:131 current_app.logger.error(traceback.format_exc())132 return jsonify({"retcode": -1, "msg": e.message, "result": "", "type": "str"})133 else:134 return jsonify(135 {"retcode": -1, "msg": "x-secretid,x-timestamp and x-signature in headers is required", "result": "",...

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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2# @Time : 2016/12/4 下午1:313# @Author : Zhixin Piao, Shengjia Yan, Ruiming Wang4# @Email :,, new6import re as libre7from REtoNFA import NFA, NFAManager8from NFAtoDFA import DFAmanager9class Re_Token:10 def __init__(self, lexer, re):11 self.lexer = lexer12 self.func = None13 = re14 = re15 def extends(self):16 _method = None17 if self.func is not None:18 func = 'def callBack(self):\n'19 for code in self.func.split('\n'):20 func += '\t' + code + '\n'21 exec func + '_method = callBack'22 self.__dict__['callBack'] = new.instancemethod(_method, self, None)23 self.callBack()24class Token:25 def __init__(self, name, value=''):26 = name27 if value == '':28 self.value = name29 else:30 self.value = value31class Lex:32 # 初始化33 def __init__(self, path):34 self.lineno = 035 self.keywords = {}36 with open(path, 'r') as f:37 self.parserLexFile( # 读取lex文件信息39 def parserLexFile(self, content):40 # 定义区,规则区,用户定义代码区41 (define, rule, user) = content.split('%%')42 # 定义区数据读取43 temp_token = {}44 define = define.replace('\t', ' ')45 defines = [d for d in define.split('\n') if d != '']46 for d in defines:47 token_name = d[:d.index(' ')]48 token_re = d[d.index('['):d.rindex(']') + 1]49 temp_token[token_name] = token_re50 # 规则区数据读取51 tokenArr = self.ReTokenArr = []52 rules = [r for r in rule.split('\n') if r != '']53 code_flag = False54 code = ''55 cur_Token = None56 for r in rules:57 # print r58 if code_flag:59 if r.find('}') != -1:60 code_flag = False61 cur_Token.func = code[:-1]62 tokenArr.append(cur_Token)63 code = ''64 else:65 code += r.strip() + '\n'66 elif r.find('"') != -1:67 token_re = r[r.index('"') + 1:r.rindex('"')]68 tokenArr.append(Re_Token(self, token_re))69 elif r.find('{') == -1:70 token_re = r.strip()71 tokenArr.append(Re_Token(self, token_re))72 else:73 token_re = r[:r.rindex('{')].strip()74 cur_Token = Re_Token(self, token_re)75 code_flag = True76 # 替换定义区正规表达式77 for token in tokenArr:78 for k, v in temp_token.iteritems():79 ='{' + k + '}', v)80 token.extends()81 print u'lex数据读取完成,正在进行Re->NFA'82 self.ReToNFA()83 # 用户定义代码区84 pass85 # 解析正规表达式86 def ReToNFA(self):87 nfaManager = NFAManager()88 nfaArr = []89 for token in self.ReTokenArr:90 ='\\n', '\n').replace('\\t', '\t').replace('\\r', '\r')91 if == '(' or == ')' or == '*':92 = "\\" + token.re93 # print token.re94 if libre.match(r'[a-z]+', self.keywords[] = token.re96 else:97 nfaArr.append(nfaManager.feed(, self.nfa = nfaManager.merge(nfaArr)99 self.nfa.draw()100 print u'Re->NFA完成,正在执行NFA->DFA'101 self.NFAtoDFA()102 def NFAtoDFA(self):103 nfa = self.nfa104 self.dfacreator = DFAmanager(nfa.dic, nfa.getInfo())105 self.dfacreator.creatDFA()106 self.dfacreator.draw()107 print u'NFA->DFA完成,正在读取数据'108 def feedCode(self, code_path):109 with open(code_path, 'r') as f:110 res = self.dfacreator.judgeString(, self.keywords)111 TokenArr = []112 for r in res:113 if r['category'] == 'IGNORE':114 continue115 print r116 if r['category'] == 'NUMBER':117 TokenArr.append(Token(r['category'], int(r['mention'])))118 else:119 TokenArr.append(Token(r['category'], r['mention']))120 return TokenArr121 def getTerminals(self):122 terminals = []123 for s in self.ReTokenArr:124 if == 'IGNORE':125 continue126 terminals.append(

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