13 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Software Testing Career

Arnab Roy Chowdhury

Posted On: July 17, 2018

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Software testing has a reputation to be a job where people accidentally fall in and after some time, start liking it. This is, however, a myth. The testing domain is thriving in the industry and with the new age of automation and organizations experimenting towards Agile Methodology, DevOps and IoT, demand of a tester is greater without enough number of eligible candidates. Let’s discuss why the present time is best to choose a career in software testing.

Testing Is In High Demand

There was no other time in history where software testers were in higher demand. From manual exploratory testing to automation architects, there is never a lack of companies that need an efficient tester. With more emerging testing procedures and faster agile testing cycles, the opportunity for a smart and creative tester is always increasing in the industry.

Designing Experiments

Ideal software testing is not just following the procedure to reproduce functionalities, it’s designing experiments to test how the software performs under real-life conditions. The tests may be as simple as clicking a button to as complex as a DDOS attack. Tester is a mad scientist that designs and performs elaborate experiments that bring to surface the real quality and real capabilities of the software.

Multiple Routes Towards Progression

There are various types of testing one can choose to specialize in. Be it performance testing, automation testing, manual testing or a combination of all. Among all of them, GUI or web testing is really interesting domains and has a bright future in the software industry. Since a tester has a better idea of how the business actually works, starting a career as a tester, one might move up to a leadership role or move forward to becoming a key individual in management. There are accreditations and courses that can help a tester to become an expert in the role he or she chose to explore.

Browser Testing Tool

If You Like To Face Challenge

Software testing can prove to be a pretty challenging job. There are new puzzles and problems to find out every day in an application that has completed the development phase. If you want to become an expert in a field where the job will always challenge your innovative thinking capabilities, testing is the perfect domain for you.

Constant Growth of the Learning Curve

It does not matter whether you are writing test case scenarios or automate test jobs, or configuring a testing tool for security testing, every day you will get to learn something new and having a supportive team behind you will ensure that all the resources that you need to expand your skillset is readily available. Above all that, you will never face a stagnant work life since new testing procedures are emerging daily.

Value During Software Development Life Cycle

Before a developed application is deployed into production, testing is a very crucial phase. Developers often fail to notice certain small but crucial bugs that may cause a major issue during production. It is the job of a tester to write innovative test case scenarios that can detect any bug or figure out whether the application meets all the technical and business requirements.

Scope To Explore The Latest Technologies

If you are in automation testing, you will get hands-on experience in Cucumber, Selenium or other testing tools that are highly popular at present. Many organizations are even applying Agile Test processes or develop cloud-based testing tools to improve their testing procedures. Being a tester, you will thereby get to work with all the latest techniques and technologies.

Process and Process Optimization

Software testing starts with getting a clear understanding of the requirement and carries on with documentation of test plan, test cases, execution of test strategies and finally preparing a test summary. A cycle of process is followed that makes testing more fruitful. But the pressure on a tester to make this cycle faster and more efficient never goes away. If you like to create clockwork monsters and strive towards perfection, then you would love test process optimizations.

Figuring Out What Makes It Tick

If you like to explore the inner workings of code and then finding unique ways to make it stop working, then software testing is the perfect job for you. Since you will be motivated enough to figure out new test case scenarios that can detect each and every bug, no matter how minor it is.

Building Confidence in The Application

Analyzing the product and helping developers find bugs or ways to improve its performance is a good way to build up confidence in the application. Releasing a product that is perfect in every way will also increase the reputation of the company which will eventually lead to your growth in the organization.

Understanding The Customer

A good software tester studies the market dives deep into the requirement specifications, understand the latest trends and finally interprets what the customer actually wants and how important the product is for the customer. Testing is not about mechanically executing test cases every day. It’s more about tweaking the test cases based on requirements and analyzing the test results to conclude the perfection of the product.

Creativity and Innovation

Testing is quite creative work. No one will explain the process to you. The job is more like a detective where you will need to analyze the clues and think of places where the application is not consistent when it comes to the end-user.

Exceed Your Limit

If you want a job that will test you in every possible way and find out whether you can exceed your boundaries, testing if for you. It is really fun to figure out bugs that no one else thought to find. The job will challenge you every day and it takes a critical eye to detect unexpected defects.

If you are a fresher in the IT industry, after reading all these points, you will definitely find it interesting to propel your career towards software testing. If you love a job that is innovative and offers you new challenges and opportunities to learn new things, testing if for you.

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