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Asad Khan

Posted On: March 29, 2022

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve been a part of the testing ecosystem for around 16 years now. I’ve seen it all—the days of IBM Rational, the birth of Selenium, the rise of Appium and Cypress, to cloud testing.

Over this decade and a half, I’ve made a few observations that have stayed with me and have been instrumental in building the crux of ‘Why LambdaTest’.

Let me delve a bit deeper into it.

My most significant observation has been that over the last decade or so, the innovation in the developer tools and platforms space has been awe-inspiring, while there has been very little innovation on the testing side of things. Innovations, if any, have been few and far between.

I’ve spoken to loads of developers and testers and I’ve constantly heard that they really want this lopsided innovation pattern to change. If you can develop seamlessly, you should be able to test seamlessly too. Together, it’ll help make the product better and hence achieve better customer satisfaction.

Additionally, with testing shifting left, both developers and testers are now closely involved with testing from the early stages of product development. This paradigm shift requires a test execution platform that is built for modern-day development and testing.

And that’s why we built LambdaTest—a modern end-to-end test execution platform that is powerful, reliable, and secure.

The Big News

With the larger context in mind, I’m happy to share that we’ve raised $45 million in a funding round led by Premji Invest with participation from existing investors Sequoia Capital India, Telstra Ventures, Blume Ventures, and Leo Capital. Sandeep Johri, Ex-CEO and present board member of Tricentis, has also angel invested in this round.

We started as a cross-browser testing platform in 2017. In around four years, we have built five new product lines that cover everything from automation testing, manual testing, real devices, test intelligence, and speed of test execution and we have only barely scratched the surface.

We are very bullish on changing the face of test execution. We want to push the boundaries of speed, performance and reliability of test execution, and hence we will majorly use the capital for new product innovation. A part of the funds will be used to enhance our existing product capabilities and accelerate growth. We are also looking to hire across multiple roles and geographies.

I’ll delve into our big goals a bit further to give a glimpse into our thought process.

Join us on June 30, 2022, at 10 A.M. PST to learn about HyperExecute. This next-generation smart test orchestration platform enables businesses to run end-to-end automation tests as fast as possible.

Our dream of Test Orchestration

Let’s touch upon speed first.

A lot of businesses have in-house testing infrastructure but it is costly and involves a lot of maintenance and upgrading work, which can turn out to be tiresome. On the other hand, there are the legacy cloud platforms that aren’t reliable, due to a high rate of flakiness and more importantly, they aren’t as quick as an in-house setup. We knew that there has to be a solution that could match or better the speed of an in-house setup while also having the best features that only a cloud can offer. We thus came up with HyperExecute.

HyperExecute is a next-gen smart testing platform to help businesses run end-to-end Selenium tests at the fastest speed possible. It is up to 70% faster than traditional Selenium Grid clouds and hence helps businesses achieve quicker time-to-market.

Developers can now stay ‘in the flow’ with no interrupts thanks to the smart test orchestration platform HyperExecute, built on Azure! Check out the video to know more.

Its smart features include-

  • Smart Auto Test Splitting
  • Matrix-based build multiplexing
  • Auto purging of environments after build completion
  • Smart Caching for speeding up the regression tests
  • Allows real-time streaming of terminal logs
  • Offers a completely customizable test execution environment using pre and post-scripts
  • Gives end-to-end visibility of all test logs

HyperExecute CTA

Test Intelligence

If speed was an important factor, test intelligence was another area we had set our sights upon since our inception. Even with automated pipelines, engineering teams are still struggling to hasten the pace of development because pointless tests are run leading to clogged pipelines, low productivity, high resource costs, and obviously slow release cycles.

And thus our test intelligence platform Test-at-Scale or TAS was born.

With TAS, businesses can now accelerate their whole pipeline from dev to release,
get faster feedback on code changes, manage flaky tests and keep master green.

TAS’ Smart Test Selection intelligently interprets & runs only the relevant subset of your tests that are impacted resulting in up to 95% reduction in testing durations.

It will flag, quarantine, and manage flaky tests and furthermore, our automated triaging solution will find the culprit commits that lead to failed builds.

Finally, our data intelligence layer will help you get full visibility into KPIs that matter like Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), flake rate, failed tests, and more.

With HyperExecute and TAS coming into the picture, test execution is no longer a dry and effort-intensive process. We’ve made it intelligent and easy to handle. Testers and developers can now ‘orchestrate’ their tests like a symphony.

Our People, Innovation, and more…

In all this action, we’ve ensured that we are constantly scaling our core test execution product with updates and new features. It was not an easy task at all. But, it has all been made possible by the stellar and dedicated team at LambdaTest.

Speed has been a big differentiating factor for us. The team deeply believes in the vision of building a world-class deep-tech platform and we execute tirelessly day in and day out. At this moment, I want to tell them that I’m deeply thankful for their efforts.

Also, building from India for the world has always been something close to my heart and building it with this team is a dream come true. We still have a long way to go, but I couldn’t have asked for better companions.

I want to again thank our new and existing investors for putting their faith in us.

Looking forward to scaling new heights!

Go Team LambdaTest!

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