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Posted On: April 4, 2018

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We believe that innovation is a never ending process so we, at LambdaTest are continuously innovating to ease the life of our users. In response to the feedback of one of our users, Eva Tallaksen we have introduced a new feature, Switch.

With the all new ‘Switch’ feature you can change the configuration on which you want to test your web application or website for cross browser compatibility in real time testing with just one click. With this update, now you don’t need to fire up virtual machines again and again by ending sessions. All you need to do is to click on switch and then select the next configuration on which you want to test and within seconds you’ll be testing on the next configuration.

Get Started

The new switch feature can be found inside the VM on the left utility toolbar. When you’ll click on info icon, the second icon from up, you’ll find info on the current configuration along with the switch button.

Switch to new Configuration in Testing Tool

When you’ll click on it, you’ll see this popup where you can select the next configuration.

Browser Compatibility Testing

Here, you can enter the URL and select the configuration. And test for the next configuration.

configuration seetings

So, don’t you feel that your testing has become easier now?

Go ahead and try this new feature now!

Happy Testing!

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