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Posted On: June 1, 2018

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The DevOps cycle is always evolving with the latest trends and tech. SaaS success demands flexibility as you learn and deploy thousand ideas, in an effort to keep up with the modern tricks we are always looking out for ways to make testing fun. We are proud to announce single click integration of GitLab and Bitbucket with LamdbaTest cross browser testing platform. It’s one more step forward towards providing an integrated and seamless testing ecosystem for modern agile development team.

GitLab integration with LambdaTest

GitLab is in some ways similar to GitHub as it is a web based version management repository that allows the development and sharing of the code projects concurrently, but GitLab offers more control over the development process. It is written in Ruby and go. A lot of enterprises have shifted to GitLab since they offer to deliver a significant increase in the productivity. It is the end result of pouring all the aspects of DevOps into a single conversation and at the same time collaborating the teams by enabling them with a brilliant permission model such that there is no hindrance in the workflow.

GitLab integration with LambdaTest

GitLab’s popularity is one of the main reasons why we have chosen it for existing phase of integration. Now with LambdaTest – GitLab integration, if you encounter any bug or an issue while testing on LambdaTest platform, you can send the whole descriptive report to GitLab along with screenshots directly from LambdaTest platform. With the help of this integration you can share the screenshot link along with the status to your choice of repository, and at the same time assign it to concerned developer directly without switching to different app thus positively affecting productivity.

Bitbucket integration with LambdaTest

Just like GitHub, Bitbucket too is a web based repository owned by Atlassian. While in the beginning it was designed for mercurial projects only, 2011 saw the adoption of Git within. It is written in python using the Django framework. Apart from offering CI pipelines, snippet tools that can share parts of code instead of sharing the whole source code, wiki and issue support, Bitbucket offers crucial features like IP whitelisting allowing the users to safeguard their private data.

Bitbucket integration with LambdaTest

With the bitbucket integration, you now hold the power of directly add issues to Bitbucket repositories right from LambdaTest platform. While testing, if you find a bug, you can log it in Bitbucket directly along with screenshot.The issue can be assigned directly to the concerned developer and LambdaTest would automatically add details like environment info, screenshots etc. in the created issue.

You are now just a click away from your GitLab and Bitbucket repositories, while testing if you encounter any bug feel free to take a screenshot then mark using the given tools and then ultimately marking sending it to the specific repository. Integration by integration we move further into the future to better serve our users. One click bug logging indeed!

On a side note you can perform parallel selenium testing with bitbucket pipeline on 3000+ real browsers hosted on a cloud Selenium Grid through LambdaTest.

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