Key Testing Insights 2022 Report by LambdaTest


Posted On: January 19, 2023

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iPhone series is the most popular device for mobile testing says LambdaTest’s Key Testing Insights 2022 report

The report also highlights interesting testing factoids and trends in the testing space

LambdaTest, the leading continuous quality testing cloud platform, has come up with Key Testing Insights 2022 report based on its platform usage last year.

According to the report, the top browser used for testing in 2022 was Chrome (76.27%), followed by Safari (9.12%), and Firefox (6.97%). When it comes to operating systems, our users tested the most on Windows (77.32%), followed by macOS (11.78%), and Android (5.76%).

The report also had geography-specific device and browser testing highlights. On the device’s side, the most popular device for mobile testing was iPhone 13 Pro Max in North America and Asia Pacific, iPhone 13 in EMEA, and iPhone 11 in Latin America. If considering global data, the most popular devices for testing were iPhone 13 Pro Max, followed by iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 5G. Based on the report, LambdaTest has also saved 720 years worth of test execution time for the customers in the year 2022.

“Customer experience is everything in today’s digital-first world, hence businesses should ensure that testing is at the core of their go-to-market strategy. The numbers in the LambdaTest Key Testing Insights 2022 report provide a direction that teams can take to smartly strategize their testing,” said Jay Singh, cofounder, LambdaTest. “ We will continue to track these numbers closely and more importantly, we are continuously updating our continuous quality testing platform to enable our customers to give the best digital experience to their users.”

LambdaTest has also recently launched HyperExecute, a next-gen smart test orchestration platform that helps testers and developers run end-to-end automation tests at the fastest speed possible.

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