Automating Workflows Between Apps and Services With LambdaTest and Zapier

Devansh Bhardwaj

Posted On: September 26, 2022

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Modern businesses struggle to unify internal and external communications, where email, telephone, spreadsheets, whiteboards, and Post-It notes are the dominant tools for task and work management. These tools rely primarily upon human memory and are poor for collaboration and generating visibility when a worker or decision-maker needs it.

Studies have shown that employees can save 30% of their time by automating business processes. When it comes to automating workflows, opting for an “all in one” workflow automation tool that can automate both external and internal workflows in a more customized and personalized manner.

A workflow automation platform ensures that all task communications and information are conducted within the platform or maintained as records within relevant work tasks, drastically reducing their reliance on outside tools. Using workflow automation systems in your organization will provide a consistently positive customer experience by ensuring they receive a high-quality finished product.

We at LambdaTest are thrilled to partner with Zapier, a cloud-based platform that allows you to automate workflows between your apps and your services easily.

What is Zapier?


Zapier is a cloud-based platform that allows you to easily automate workflows between your apps and your services without having to build this integration yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Zapier works with Zaps, which you can create by combining multiple apps and services. These Zaps help you streamline your workflow and save time and effort.

Why use Zapier for automating workflows?

Workflow automation automates a set of manual processes or tasks based on pre-defined rules or conditions. Automating these manual processes helps you improve business efficiency and accountability, thereby improving business audibility.

To better explain workflow automation, we must define what automation is and what a workflow is.

Automation comprises technologies that help reduce human intervention in business processes by pre-determining decision criteria, subprocess relationships, and related actions. However, automation testing is a process of software testing that ensures the product meets its requirements. It helps you catch bugs, defects, and any other issues that could arise with product development.

Whereas, Workflows are a sequence that processes data in a specific path from initiation to completion. Such a series of tasks can be used to structure any business function regardless of industry.

Unlike other workflow automating tools, Zapier uses Zaps to help you easily automate your workflow between apps and services.

Here are some of the features of Zapier that set it apart:

  • Automate work without writing any code.
  • Build custom app integrations.
  • Customize your Zaps with webhooks.
  • Move bulk data on demand.
  • Set multi-step Zaps.
  • Connect all the software you rely on with 3,000+ ready-to-use integrations.
  • Flexible logic features and filters let you customize your automation to meet specific needs.
  • Automate repetitive tasks so that you have time to do work that matters.

LambdaTest Integration with Zapier

By integrating LambdaTest with Zapier, you can create a smarter, customized workflow that helps you save time in shipping quality products at light speed. LambdaTest is the only platform in the market with deep integration with Zapier to make automating workflows a piece of cake for you.

Along with this, LambdaTest allows you to perform automated browser testing on an online browser farm of 3000+ real browsers and operating system combinations to achieve greater test coverage.

LambdaTest Integration with Zapier

By integrating LambdaTest with Zapier, you can automate your testing tasks and save the time that would have been spent building this integration or hiring someone to build this integration for you.

With over 5000+ app integrations besides Twitter, Zapier can handle many tasks for different platforms or goals. You can schedule a tweet that needs to be sent immediately after you publish a post. You can customize and set up what these tweets will look like and what they will contain.

A Zap is an automated workflow consisting of a trigger and one or more actions. When you set up and activate a new Zap, it will run its action(s) every time the trigger event occurs. Zaps streamline your workflows and make it possible to automate previously manual processes.

To set up LambdaTest and Zapier integration, you must configure your LambdaTest Credentials (Username and Access Key). You can get them from your LambdaTest Profile. To know more about the steps to integrate, please check out the documentation on how to integrate LambdaTest with Zapier.

All in All!

LambdaTest is proud to announce its integration withZapier and allow you to automate your workflows between two or more apps. Now with Zapier, you can automate routine and repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus more on your most important work. We hope this new integration with Zapier will greatly benefit you while maximizing your productivity.

Try our new Zapier integration and share your thoughts on the LambdaTest Community. You can also contact us via our chat portal or by mail at

Happy Testing! 😀

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