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LambdaTest Live With Chrome 67 Beta And Chrome 68 Dev Browsers


Posted On: May 5, 2018

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Synchronization with latest technologies is what makes you remain visible in the market. For SaaS companies, playing with cut edge tech is the main source of their growth. Moving in the game, today we have added newest Chrome 67 Beta and Chrome 68 Dev browsers to LambdaTest Cross Browser Testing platform.

Now you can test your websites or web apps on Chrome 67 and Chrome 68 on the cloud on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Cross Browser Testing On Chrome 67 Beta

Chrome 67 will provide WebXR Device API Origin Trial which enables the creation of virtual and augmented reality experiences on mobile devices and desktops. TransformStream, a stream API will also be part of chrome 67.TransformStream is part of the Streams API for creating, composing and consuming streams of data. Version 67 adding more features in SVG, DOM, javascript, HTML custom elements, and loader. Few major changes coming to DevTools in Chrome 67 which includes Search across all network headers, CSS variable value previews in the Styles pane, Copy as fetch and many more.

Some Depreciations In Chrome 67 Beta

To increase interoperability with other browsers, Chrome has deprecated some features like HTTP-Based Public Key Pinning (HPKP) and AppCache over HTTP. Also, several Webkit-prefixed CSS properties will be removed outright in this release.

Cross Browser Testing On Chrome 68

Beware if your website is on HTTP, Chrome 68 will mark it as “not secure”. Currently, Chrome 68 is in the early development phase. Chrome 68 will contain a number of bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements. Chrome dev channel has been updated to 68.0.3418.2 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Happy Testing!!

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