Accelerating End-To-End Digital Testing With LambdaTest And ACCELQ

Salman Khan

Posted On: June 3, 2022

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Agile software development relies heavily on automation testing. However, the test automation becomes more complex when the release involves multiple test cases and actions. Creating a test environment, writing, and executing multiple test scripts takes a lot of time and resources if you’re working on a large project with a fast release cycle. This defeats the objective of automation testing.

This is where Codeless automation comes into play. With codeless automation testing, you can create automated tests without writing a single line of code, which makes the entire process simpler and easier.

According to the survey, the market for Codeless testing is expected to grow 15.5% annually between 2021 and 2031. Therefore, choosing the right Codeless testing platform is essential for meeting the DevOps needs of your organization. ACCELQ is one of such popular Codeless testing platforms.

We at LambdaTest are thrilled to be partnered with ACCELQ, an AI-powered automation testing platform to achieve continuous test automation across numerous browsers, operating systems, and mobile apps.

What is ACCELQ?

Accelq Integration with Lambdatest

ACCELQ is an AI-powered Codeless testing and management platform that enables you to automate web, mobile, API, database, and packaged applications. QA engineers can harness the codeless capabilities of ACCELQ for testing without in-depth coding knowledge and achieve greater productivity.

Why use ACCELQ for Codeless automation?

Unlike other Codeless testing tools, ACCELQ has self-healing capabilities and natural English coding that sets it apart from other codeless automation tools.

Let’s look at the some of the features of ACCELQ –

  • Highly secure and scalable platform for enterprise use.
  • Provide UI and API automation.
  • Creates an app blueprint for outstanding visual test designs.
  • Embedded frameworks expedite the development process with low maintenance efforts.
  • Increase test coverage using data flows and model UI.
  • Support for Continuous Integration and in-sprint test automation.

LambdaTest integration with ACCELQ

By integrating ACCELQ with LambdaTest, you can perform automated browser testing and app test automation on an online device farm of 3000+ real devices and operating system combinations.

LambdaTest integration with ACCELQ (1)

After integrating LambdaTest with ACCELQ, the application browser is hosted remotely. However, the test execution and results flow remain intact, and from ACCELQ, you can manage your test execution cycle.

To set up LambdaTest and ACCELQ integration, you will need to configure your LambdaTest Credentials (Username and Access Key). You can get them by your LambdaTest Profile. To know more about the steps to integrate, please check out the documentation on how to integrate LambdaTest with ACCELQ.

All in All!

LambdaTest integration with ACCELQ gives you the ability to test your code across different browsers, devices, and OS combinations. Therefore, you don’t need to hop on different dashboards for testing. We hope this new integration with ACCELQ will greatly benefit you while maximizing your productivity.

Try out our new ACCELQ integration and share your thoughts on the LambdaTest Community. You can also get in touch with us via our chat portal or by mail at

Happy Testing 😀

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