LambdaTest Receives Top Distinctions for Test Management Software from Leading Business Software Directory


Posted On: January 22, 2018

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LambdaTest has recently received two notable awards from the leading business software directory FinancesOnline after their experts were impressed with our test platform’s capabilities in accelerating one’s development process.

According to FinancesOnline’s experts, “LambdaTest allows users to hasten release processes and seamlessly test their websites or web applications across more than 1,400 browsers and their assorted versions on multiple operating systems in varying screen resolutions.”
Add LambdaTest’s scalability, integration with debugging and communication tools, and live bug logging functionality, end users have an efficient solution on their hands for easily and quickly solving issues. This is why our platform received FinancesOnline’s Great User Experience recognition for best test management software, an award reserved to software systems that can easily facilitate the work process due to its well-designed functionalities.

Similarly, LambdaTest received the software directory’s Rising Star award. This recognition is given to solutions in software categories that quickly rose in popularity due to good traction with clients. FinancesOnline supported credence to this recognition with its SmartScore system, which revealed a whopping 100 user satisfaction rating for LambdaTest. Truly, all users are in good hands with LambdaTest, with the aid of our dedicated support team active 24/7 that can be reached through various channels including live chat, phone call, and even email.

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