Manifesting possibilities – Welcoming Mohit Juneja as our VP of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development


Posted On: July 18, 2022

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What you seek is seeking you


During Mohit’s MBA days, he dreamt of landing a job in one of the big consulting firms during the campus placement process, but he didn’t even get a shortlist. He went ahead and interned with the software giant Microsoft and was offered a job as a Digital Advisor in Microsoft Consulting Services. This was exactly what he was seeking but never expected to find at Microsoft.

“That’s when I started realizing that manifestation works,” said Mohit.“The two-year stint was like living a dream! We helped organizations with their digital transformation strategy and execution leveraging cloud technologies.”

Cut to present.

Manifesting new possibilities at LambdaTest

Manifesting new possibilities at LambdaTest

Mohit Juneja, LambdaTest’s new global head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, is focused on driving the next orbit of growth for the company by leveraging strategic partnerships.

“Let’s create a best-in-class stack together to minimize interrupts across the user journey and deliver intuitive experiences. We are fostering technology partnerships with application development ecosystem players across DevOps, test automation & authoring, public cloud OEMs, etc,” said Mohit. “Customers don’t want to compromise on the scale, speed and security. We are building deep relationships with partners who recognize this need, who share our vision, and who are keen to generate value by jointly delivering customer delight.”

Mohit has had an ‘off-the-beaten-track’ career thanks to his belief in leading with clear intent, authority-less leadership, and manifesting beliefs into reality.

Team LambdaTest sat down with Mohit to understand his journey and what drives him to be the best at what he does.

While most folks pursue hobbies, Mohit believes in adding flavors to life. It is about living new experiences.

His recent ‘flavor’ was scuba diving, and mind you, it’s not just about one dive. It is about learning it well enough to be able to coach others.

Similarly, Mohit’s favorite activity while traveling to new places is to explore them by driving around in a car. He believes it helps one truly experience the place.

He does the same when it comes to his professional life.

Mohit has been a coder, digital advisor, business strategy analyst, compete strategy lead, business lead for Microsoft Azure Application Innovation portfolio , and everything else in between over his career spanning almost a decade across leading firms like Infosys, Microsoft, and GitHub. He has been the true-blue ‘man for all seasons’.

Now, LambdaTest is his attempt at tasting and experiencing the ‘building-a-growth-stage-company’ flavor.

But how did he really get here? Where did it all start?

An unconventional start to ‘tech love’

It was the year 2000. The world entered a new millennium, and with it came a few problems.

A rather interesting one was the Y2K problem or better known as the millennium bug.

It referred to a potential computer error regarding the storage and formatting of calendar dates in and after the year 2000. Since a lot of programs stored a four-digit year with only the last two digits, this could potentially wreak havoc across the global financial systems.

Strangely, Mohit figured out his passion thanks to a ‘potential’ bug.

Mohit’s dad was a banker and was one of the very few folks in the system who knew his way around the workings of the computer. Mohit vividly remembers his dad being summoned to fix the Y2K bug. The then 13-year-old Mohit felt that if one knew how to code or work deeply with computers, they’d always have the upper hand.

“That whole incident made me feel like.. if you know computers, you are a rockstar,” said Mohit.

Soon, Mohit followed his childhood passion for computers and completed his degree in computer science, and got placed in services giant Infosys.

One of his early assignments included writing code for a Canadian railroad major so that it could run more trains and hence make more revenue.

“I was lucky enough to understand quite early what a piece of software can do. My code was helping more trains run on the track and, in turn, helping the company make more money. I loved that job!” said Mohit.

While on the job, his ever-curious nature discovered the existence of Business Analysts, who are responsible for creating a detailed business analysis, right from outlining problems, and opportunities to coming up with solutions for a business.

“I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to be that guy,” said Mohit.

Voila! He was soon doing his MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi, and fate (and manifestation) led him to Microsoft.

Making things happen

At Microsoft, Mohit donned multiple hats.

He started with Microsoft Consulting Services, moved to Corporate Strategy as part of the Area VP’s office, then managed the Compete Strategy portfolio, and later joined as the Business Lead for the Azure Application Development portfolio.

“Microsoft was a huge learning experience. Leaders and managers enabled me to move across diverse business functions. It gave me a holistic understanding of how a massive sales machinery operates. I was becoming comfortable with ambiguity, ever-changing business dynamics, evolving org structure… change was becoming a new normal,” said Mohit.

Mohit could see and experience firsthand, thanks to his many roles, how such a huge company was constantly reinventing itself to stay ahead in the game.

While all of this was happening, Microsoft acquired GitHub in 2018 in one of its costliest acquisitions ever. GitHub soon started expanding in Asia and was also setting up an office in India. Mohit jumped at this opportunity and helped GitHub better leverage the parent company’s ecosystem–field teams and partner networks.

“It was not the first time that I was working with the developer audience. However, GitHub was about learning a different culture, it was about a developer-first mindset. It had the culture of a millennial company. One of the key mantras was—ship to learn. We took multiple data-driven bets and exponentially scaled the successful ones,” said Mohit.

At GitHub, Mohit was responsible for scaling GTM across the Asia market. He played a pivotal role in expanding GitHub’s reach across enterprise customers.

Soon, it was time for LambdaTest.

What’s to be expected?

Mohit’s experience in cutting across organizational boundaries to build mission-critical initiatives, driven by a clear intent, will hold him in good stead at LambdaTest.

Mohit is pumped up about products like HyperExecute, our next-gen smart test orchestration platform, and Test at Scale (TAS), our test intelligence and observability platform. He believes that world-class enterprises that don’t want to compromise on scale, speed, and security will see true value from these products.

“We aim to disrupt the traditional test execution solutions and deliver strongly on our promise of ‘bring your tests and let us do the rest,” said Mohit.

After all, it all does come down to adding the right flavor and manifesting it, doesn’t it?

Watch this webinar to know how HyperExecute can help businesses achieve quicker time-to-market by intelligently reducing the test execution time.

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