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Salman Khan

Posted On: December 20, 2022

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The holidays are just around the corner, and with Christmas and New Year celebrations coming up, everyone is busy preparing for the festivities! And during this busy time of year, LambdaTest also prepped something special for our beloved developers and testers – #LambdaTestYourBusiness

With the #LambdaTestYourBusiness campaign, we aim to spread holiday cheer to the testers and developers who work tirelessly all year to provide us with an amazing digital experience. During the busy holiday season, testers and developers can appreciate a little bit of cheer and humor in the form of games, memes, and e-cards.

Let’s uncover what #LambdaTestYourBusiness has in store for you!

#LambdaTestYourBusiness: What you’ll get?

With the #LambdaTestYourBusiness campaign, you can play a fun game, send an e-card, find memes, and more. It also includes exciting prizes and offers to give away.

LambdaTestYourBusiness campaign

Here is a rundown of the offers and gifts that #LambdaTestYourBusiness has in its bucket.

  • The LambdaTest Bug Squasher Game
  • Share Memes
  • Send Holiday Greetings
  • Get up to 50% OFF on Annual Plans

Let’s find out more about these offers…

The LambdaTest Bug Squasher Game

What’s a holiday season without fun and games? Here is LambdaTest Bug Squasher, a fun game to take on the frustration experienced by development teams when they have to squash countless bugs throughout a product.

In this game, players can swat bugs appearing on a computer screen without swatting the bombs.

LambdaTest Bug Squasher Game

You can win an Amazon Echo Dot if you’re one of our top scorers.

Share Memes

Participants can also test their wit and creativity by creating memes around the tester/developer world. So if you have any creative ideas, come and join the fun!

Share your memes and be in the running to win a fantastic Amazon Echo Dot.

Share your memes

Send Holiday Greetings

Do you have a favorite teammate or mentor or an old ex-colleague who made you laugh or with whom you shared a table? With LambdaTest’s Holiday Greetings, you can send them greetings or an e-card to express your holiday cheer.

Send Holiday Greetings

Get up to 50% OFF on Annual Plans

This holiday season, expedite your test execution with our Christmas & New Year Sale and get up to 50% Off On Annual Plans.

With this offer, you can unlock the premium features like geo-location testing, native-app testing, etc. This offer is valid for new purchases of annual plans. However, you can cancel it anytime.

50% OFF on Annual Plans

Ready to LambdaTest Your Business?

As devs and testers squash bugs or make memes, we’re giving away exciting prizes. To offer a seamless digital experience, testers and developers deserve to relax and let a highly reliable, scalable, secure, and fast test execution and orchestration platform handle the heavy lifting for them. All they need to do is #LambdaTestYourBusiness.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hurry up! Go get the amazing offers and prizes now!

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