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Posted On: June 4, 2018

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Just a few hours ago, Apple announced the latest addition to its macOS arsenal as the world glimpsed at Mojave for the first time. The dark mode offers a certain sense of serenity and it would seem that Mojave has more in common with the desert it is named after. Interface elements also have a splash of grey in them making the whole UI really clean and sleek.

What new apple brought in macOS Mojave

  • With the new Desktop Stacks feature now you no longer need to be worried about your messy desktop. It will tidy up your desktop and at the same time sorting them in accordance to type and date.
  • WDC conference revealed Mojave with a Dynamic Desktop set in the desert, changing throughout the day. It was sheer joy, the degree to which it can be customized yet remains to be seen.
  • Finder update marks metadata for the files and lets you perform rotation or merging of similar files into pdf. The gallery view will let you experience small preview of files.
  • Screenshot tool has been modified to make way for screen recording.
  • Mac app store gets iOS like redesign, featuring editorial content.

Security Features In macOS Mojave

Keeping in mind the recent security issues that were raised after the Facebook fiesta, a great deal of thought has been given. Apple has tried to gain the trust by cracking down on the data companies by limiting the data provided to them. Apple has assured that privacy guidelines will prompt the websites or apps to ask for permission to use camera, microphone, safari data, browser history, mail data and location.
Addressing to the issue of Cross site scripting, Safari too has gotten a security makeover with actively blocking websites that indulges in cross site tracking.

Test Progressive Web Apps

There’s also iOS 12 and macOS For Developers

The biggest development however was the integration of iOS with macOS. Dismissing the rumors of merging iOS and macOS, Apple revealed that it is bringing some of the developer frameworks to macOS. It is because of this classic iOS apps like news and stocks have successfully stitched together with Mojave. Clicked and scanned data from the iphones can be shared with Mojave easily.

Test on macOS Mojave machine on LamdbaTest

The announcement brings immense joy for iOS app developers because in newest release, the testing of iOS can be done using macOS pretty easily. Mojave will be up and running for you to test on within 3 weeks on LambdaTest.

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