New iPhones With iOS12 And Mozilla Firefox Goes Live For Mobile Operating System


Posted On: October 17, 2018

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Just earlier this month, Apple officially announced the release of a new range of iPhone flagship models for 2018. The new models named iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR comes equipped with a lot of new features, trademark notch, and new headaches for developers. To help developers out, today we brought these new devices on LambdaTest’s cross-browser compatibility testing platform, along with the latest iOS 12 version. In addition, we also bring Mozilla Firefox browsers on the latest Android and iOS devices.

To summarize, In this product update we have added: –

  1. iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR for real-time testing.
  2. iOS 12 – Latest version of iOS mobile operating system.
  3. Mozilla Firefox browsers for Android and iPhone.

Test for Browser compatibility testing on iOS 12

The new iOS 12 is compatible to work on all devices that can support iOS 11. The new iOS delivers faster performance, from launching an application, keyboard to opening a Camera. Along with boosted performance, Apple has also made Siri smarter. The iOS 12 is more responsive and attractive with many new features. You can test how responsive is your website on iOS 12 by performing cross browser testing through LambdaTest.

New and more compelling Safari in iOS 12

The latest Safari has been redesigned with major updates that aim at increasing their market share in browser race. The new Safari brings it closer to its competitors in terms of features, HTML CSS JS support and usability.. Audience concerned with privacy is bound to like the new update. Safari now supports Tab Favicons which will help you in picking the intended tab with ease by displaying a small coloured icon along with the trimmed text. There is also a more clean and tidy feel to Reader View.

For more details on Safari 12, you can also refer to our previous product update blog.

With better Safari version there is bound to be a shift in the browser usage statistics, so we are here to help you with your cross browser testing needs.

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Cross Browser Testing with Mozilla Firefox Browser for iOS and Android

We also added Mozilla Firefox browser on iOS as well as Android to help you perform cross browser testing in more detail. It was one of the most awaited features and we have delivered as promised. We are also working on bringing more browsers for both mobile OS as well.

Mobile Operating Systems that received the product update are listed below.

  1. iOS 12
  2. Android 8
  3. Android 7.1
  4. Android 7

We are adding the update on more devices, every week. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out a thing.

We thrive to ensure that your testing needs are met so that you can test your applications on leading desktop and mobile browsers using our platform. That is why we have them ready on our platform so you could give them a test drive as soon as they are out.

Ensure your business product is up and running by performing cross-browser testing on latest browser versions and OS.

Your feedback is prestigious to us, so please feel free to comment about what has been the most involving feature and where you feel we can do better! Let us know about your thoughts on the latest update & help us improve with your valuable input. You can also leave us a message here or chat with us. Our product experts are always delighted to help you with any roadblock.

Happy Testing! 🙂


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