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Posted On: June 13, 2022

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June is Pride Month, a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide. Pride marches around the globe allow the participant to celebrate diversity, create community, increase visibility for equal rights…and have a terrific time while doing so.

Pride Month is an opportunity for us to pause and reflect that although progress has been made towards equal rights for everyone, we still have much more work to do.

Inclusivity throughout the year

Diversity is essential for creating safe workplaces where people feel valued and where everyone can advance and thrive.

Diversity is celebrated in LambdaTest, not just this month but also through much smaller everyday interactions. Employees understand that having an inclusive behavior is a core competency. Being mindful of the language can be very important, like including pronouns when introducing yourself to others, using the correct pronouns of others, and not assuming a gender.

Pride is about people, not brands, so let the people shine!

LambdaTest has clear, enforceable policies to ensure workplaces are free of discrimination and microaggressions while offering education and bias training for managers and individual contributors. In addition, our policy of inclusion exceeds employment practices and celebrates our workforce’s diversity.

As a company, we realize that to attract the best talent worldwide, we have to teach a culture where employees can be authentic and be themselves. Our success in creating an open and inclusive environment regardless of orientation, gender identity, or gender expression has allowed us to attract and retain valuable talent.

Pride is an excellent nudge that not everything is perfect. As a society, we have a long way to go for equality. It’s the right time to educate people about Pride and make them understand why it is necessary to think twice before making any comment or asking an insensitive question.

Celebrate and embrace all team members

An inclusive workplace is essential because it builds an atmosphere in which all employees will thrive. It also boosts employee morale and creates a vibrant company culture.

We at LambdaTest want to ensure everyone is genuine and their authentic self. It is essential to feel connected to a common cause and recognized for uniqueness. Our employees must feel this organization values the unique perspectives and skills they bring to work.

An enduring commitment to diversity is one of the reasons we can credibly say LambdaTest is inclusive. We also understand that maintaining diversity and being inclusive goes beyond policy-making, hiring practices, and protection for all employees. It also focuses on how all disparate pieces fit together like pieces in a puzzle to create an innovative and pretty picture!

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