Enabling Seamless Test Analytics With LambdaTest And Sumo Logic

Salman Khan

Posted On: September 30, 2022

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As modern software development requires fast and quality releases, implementing continuous testing has become crucial for engineering teams. It ensures quality checks at every stage of software development and avoids unwanted glitches during the later stages of software application development.

Organizations increasingly prioritize quality and need to ship software products at light speed. As a result, end-to-end testing is crucial in the continuous delivery and improvement processes. To achieve continuous intelligence, it is imperative to collect and analyze comprehensive insights from the test data.

By measuring and managing quality metrics, you can gain insight into how well your development team produces high-quality code. You can also identify the loopholes in your engineering practices and improve the overall development process to create higher-quality code faster.

We at LambdaTest are thrilled to partner with Sumo Logic – the leading SaaS analytics platform enabling reliable and secure cloud-native applications.

By leveraging this integration, organization, enterprise, and SMBs can view LambdaTest results in a custom Sumo Logic dashboard and gain deeper insight into the test analytics to scale their engineering efficiency.

Ready to integrate? Visit our guide on Sumo Logic integration.

What is Sumo Logic?

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based continuous intelligence platform. It focuses on security, operations, and business intelligence use cases. It offers log management, security monitoring, and analytics services that leverage the power of machine-generated big data to generate real-time insights.

With Sumo Logic, you can store your logs centrally and analyze them in real time. With its industry-leading machine learning analytics and pre-built searches, you can gather insights quickly.

Why is Sumo Logic perfect for your business?

Sumo Logic’s cloud-native, multi-tenant platform comes with loads of features that reduce the time to identify security and operational issues and help businesses make data-driven decisions. A few of them are as follows.

  • Machine-learning powered real-time analytics to identify and fix security issues and cyber-attacks, and minimize compliance costs.
  • Easily monitoring and visualization using customizable dashboards for deeper insights and reliable delivery.
  • Get notified using machine-learning algorithms if there is any crucial incident or issue to fix.
  • Provides scalable analytics that scales as you need.
  • Built-in security to protect your data with sophisticated security technologies.

How can LambdaTest and Sumo Logic integration help you?

With LambdaTest and Sumo Logic integration, you can get a holistic overview of your testing behavior on LambdaTest’s dashboard to gain comprehensive insights into how your testing team runs tests and how it functions across different browsers and operating systems.

Check out a few other out-of-box features that LambdaTest and Sumo Logic integration offers.

  • Get your software release faster with 360° pipeline visibility and real-time insights into engineering practice within your software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Identify and analyze security and operational issues, make smarter decisions, and free up resources for other critical tasks.
  • Measure and track historical test performance, analyze error trends to determine test errors quickly, improve performance and produce higher-quality code.

Pushing your test data from the LambdaTest platform to Sumo Logic lets you get an overview of the entire web testing process on the Sumo Logic dashboards. You can view your passed and failed tests against the different browsers and operating systems.

from the LambdaTest platform to Sumo Logic

In addition, our LambdaTest App for Sumo Logic gives you access to the dashboards.

  • Test Overview – Get comprehensive insights about your testing trends, like the total number of test runs, tests completed, and tests passed.
  • Test Overview

  • Test Error Overview – To understand your test error trends like total errors, idle timeout, queue timeout, and lambda error.
  • Test Error Overview

    Wrapping up

    We hope this new integration helps you gain insights into your testing process’s effectiveness and allow you to ship your code confidently. The combination of LambdaTest with Sumo Logic ensures complete visibility across your end-to-end test execution to securely develop, test, and ship high-quality software applications.

    Try our new integration and let us know your feedback on LambdaTest Community.

    To stay updated about our product offering’s features and updates, visit LambdaTest Changelog.

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