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Posted On: August 25, 2022

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Testing a product is a learning process – Brian Marick

The world of testers never sees the sunset. It’s a continuous churn of learning and innovation which acts as fodder to produce the best products in the market. A tester’s job goes far beyond writing test cases and executing them. They are responsible for ensuring that a customer is happy with the finished output in front of them.

It was only the first day of the Testμ Conference 2022, and already so much has happened! We had 16 sessions with knowledge from global innovators, open source pioneers, and industry professionals. If you didn’t join the successful event, here are a few highlights of what went on air.

This conference is off, by, and for the testers!

Take a glimpse at the key happenings of the event:

Welcome Note – Jay Singh (Co-founder, LambdaTest)

The conference started with a welcome note by Jay Singh, Co-founder, LambdaTest, where he talked about how Testμ seeks to bring the community closer and create a collaborative ecosystem to foster innovation.

He then explained what the future of testing holds and welcomed everyone to hear from leaders across Google, Meta, Microsoft, UiPath, Accenture DACH, Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, and others, speaking about their experiences and how they have transformed their businesses through high-performing quality engineering.

You can go through this video in case you missed the session.

Here are the other sessions that happened on day 1 with the key takeaways:

Keynote: It’s Time for a TRIM – Richard Bradshaw (CEO, Ministry of Testing)

Where does all of the automation go? Do we keep adding tests to the crucial rapid feedback loop, making it bigger and bigger? Yes, we can run additional tests concurrently to reduce execution time. Or could we regularly trim them?

You must trim your automated tests. Place them in a different layer. Remove unnecessary steps. Streamline complexity. Make maintenance easier. But how?

Key Takeaways:

  • Demonstrate the TRIMs model.
  • Assess an automated test against the TRIMs model.
  • Identify automated tests requiring a trim.

Richard Bradshaw, CEO, Ministry of Testing, shared the TRIM(S) model with us as a heuristic for our current automated tests and a tool to help us frame future tests.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Automate User Flows with Chrome DevTools Recorder – Jecelyn Yeen (Developer Advocate, Google)

This talk on automate user flows with Chrome DevTools recorder by our key speaker Jecelyn Yeen, Developer Advocate, Google, focuses on improving user experience with rapidly repeatable user flows created with the new Recorder panel in Chrome DevTools.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Phase Angle of API Testing – Sowmya Sridharamurthy (Manager-SDET, Lytho)

The world we live in is undergoing a digital transition with implications for every business sector. Microservices address the need for speed where businesses trying to expand online are looking for lighter and faster solutions. The API test lifecycle is not supplementary but the most important activity as Microservices architecture picks up steam and APIs take center stage. The focus should shift to the “API test first” strategy due to the testing process.

Sowmya Sridharamurthy, Manager, SDET, Lytho, talks about the API test lifecycle management and discusses the salient practices to be implemented within an agile development team.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Speed Networking Break

Networking with others at breaks, over coffee, and at happy hour is one of the pillars of attending live events and conferences. The good news is that you will experience rapid networking on our online platform.

If you decide to take part, you will be paired with other attendees so you may get to know them and connect. It’s friendly, enjoyable, and a great way to meet individuals who share your enthusiasm for cutting-edge wood structures.

Panel Discussion: Future of Testing – Larry Goddard (Quality Assurance Engineering, Oxford University Press), Vikul Gupta (Head of NextGen CoE, Qualitest), Priyanka Halder (Director Quality Engineering, Oscar Health)

The panel discussion on ‘The Future of Testing’ saw Larry Goddard, Quality Assurance Engineering, Oxford University Press, Vikul Gupta, Executive Vice President, QualiTest, and Priyanka Halder, Director Quality Engineering, Oscar Health, share tips about embracing the future of testing and insights on the evolving testing trends that could define the testing landscape in the next few years.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Who Is Testing? What Tools Will Help Them? A Report on Research in Progress – Isabel Evans (Independent Consultant and Practitioner)

Standardized tests come from various backgrounds and may have unexpected prior occupations and interests. Testing practitioners are not “simply testers.” Some testers may not receive the proper help from their tools. What can we do to address this? Isabel Evans, an Independent Consultant, and Practitioner is studying how testers interact with tools and automation, and as part of her work, she discovered some unexpected influences on how testers interact with their tools.

She discusses her current and future research, with her plans for the end of 2025, and how research could contribute to improving testers’ experiences of tools in the future.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Test Recommender Systems – Soumya Mukherjee (Engineering Manager, Apple)

We require something that guarantees efficient code testing because our regression pack is getting bigger daily, and there is always a need to speed up the QA cycle.

To accomplish this, Soumya Mukherjee, Engineering Manager, Apple, asks to be astute in recognizing the tests that only impact the system because of the code build. Since we cannot know which tests would be affected by the code change, doing this manually can quickly become a nightmare.

As a result, a test suggestion system is currently essential. The tests that are affected by changes in the code can be successfully identified, and a focused regression may be considered.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Leading and Shaping a Testing Team with the Testing Wheel – Daniel Knott (Head of Software Testing, MaibornWolff GmbH)

It might be difficult to manage a testing team of individuals with varying backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives. Modern leaders should encourage, mentor, coach, and support their direct reports as they develop their testing skills. Daniel Knot will explain the testing wheel and its purpose to you in this session.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the testing wheel, and how can a leader and the direct reports benefit from it.
  • How to configure the testing wheel for individual needs.
  • How to use the results from the testing wheel to shape the testing team, and how to guide and coach team members.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

The Evolution of Browser Automation – Christian Bromann (Founding Engineer, Stateful, Inc)

In this session, Christian Bromann, Founding Engineer, Stateful, Inc, walks us through what has gone on behind the scenes in browser automation throughout the years and what the future holds for us. We will investigate the future of online testing and the difficulties that traditional frameworks like Selenium or WebdriverIO, as well as cutting-edge frameworks like Cypress, Puppeteer, and Playwright, will face.

Finally, to test some of the new web features, we will explore some new automation tools that these frameworks offer.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Beyond Functional Testing – Devender Sharma (Head of Quality Engineering, Plentific)

The concept of testing software looks very simple when you begin working with it. You construct something, say a feature. Then you pause, launch your software, and confirm that the functionality operates as you expect it to.

To ensure that you’re selling a top-notch product, you should conduct a wide variety of additional testing.

Devander Sharma, Head of Quality Engineering, Plentific talks beyond functional testing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn – what’s beyond functional testing.
  • Key areas to look beyond regular testing.
  • Quality assessment framework you can use.
  • Principles and Practices to adopt!

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Convergence of Test Automation – Thomas Stocker (Principal Product Manager, UiPath) and Matthew Holitza (Senior Product Marketing Manager, UiPath)

Matt Holitza, Senior Product Marketing Manager, UIpath, explains how QA has long been seen as a cost center and the main barrier to the digital transition. Testing may finally gain C-level attention by actively adding to the company’s ROI as automation is implemented across the board and becomes the top focus for IT management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Test automation engineers can spearhead the enterprise automation journey
  • Test engineers can use their automation skill-set in other areas
  • Sharing and reusing of automation assets, skills, and infrastructure can substantially save cost and contribute to ROI

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Keynote: Quality Engineering Using the Human and Machine Interactive – Chaithanya Kolar (Managing Director & Quality Engineering Leader, Deloitte US)

Chaithanya Kolar, Managing Director, Quality Engineering Leader, Deloitte US, says there is far too much potential for quality engineering functions to adopt artificial intelligence. These dimensions will be discussed in the session.

Chaitanya also discusses using AI for automation, analysis, and—most importantly—understanding consumer voice.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Workshop on Test Intelligence – Anmol Gupta (Sr Product Manager, LambdaTest)

Anmol Gupta, Senior Product Manager, Lambdatest, explains the teams’ testing requirements change as they expand. Running all of the tests gets challenging when test durations are lengthy. As a result, the teams waste a lot of time waiting to complete their test runs.

But that’s only the very beginning. It becomes challenging to distinguish between failures brought on by these faulty tests and true faults when they are introduced into the system.

Last but not least, debugging velocity suffers in the lack of rich analytics and useful insights on test cases.

Software testing must therefore be intelligent. We will learn about the issues in-depth in this class and solutions.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

The Web Has Evolved. Has Your Testing Evolved Too? – Diego Molina (Selenium Core Member)

Diego Molina, Selenium Core Member, has seen a significant evolution of web apps in the last few years, making traditional testing methods and tools obsolete. New web frameworks transformed how web applications are created and tested along with this evolution. Along with a distribution of testing duties across the team and a better understanding of the web application being tested, testing methodologies are now more crucial than ever.

Selenium has evolved over the past few years thanks to evolution, community feedback, and standards. What role does Selenium now play in your testing conundrum? You can make your tests more thorough and resilient by utilizing new technologies like network interception, event listening, and mutation observation. We’ll go through a few of these Selenium capabilities and explain how they might be helpful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how the Web has evolved and why testing needs to adapt.
  • How to test modern web applications with Selenium and other tools.
  • Understand where Selenium fits in today’s modern testing landscape.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Taking Your Pipeline from Meh to Awesome – Samantha Connelly (Lead Test Engineer, Entsia)

Sam Connelly, Lead Test Engineer, Entsia, had considered starting a new position where tests have been failing for months, and nobody is doing anything about it. There is a build pipeline. How would you influence the team to act?

Join them as they share their experiences on how they increased engineering engagement around builds and how they chose to coordinate various builds at the appropriate stage of development.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Beyond 200 OK – Pricilla Bilavendran (Team Leader, Billennium)

Pricilla Bilavendran, Team Leader, Billenium, states that most systems we interact with rely on API requests. In our daily lives, we unintentionally or knowingly hit a lot of APIs. Numerous APIs are created daily and modified in accordance with the requirements of the organizations. These APIs can be used by developers to produce high-quality applications.

While testing the APIs, we tend to concentrate on a few common standards and neglect to explore them further. For instance, receiving a status code of 200 OK is the desired outcome, and we are pleased that the API is operational. Make sure the APIs are strong, dependable, scalable, and resilient. Additionally, automating your API tests allows for speedy deployment and efficient testing.

Read more about Pricilla Bilavendran and her talk on Beyond 200 OK during Testμ Conference 2022 by LambdaTest.

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowledge of the importance of API Testing, challenges, and best practices in API Testing.
  • Learning the types of API tests along with the basic performance and security tests.
  • Deep dive into the validations performed.
  • Develop Test Suite and strategies for API automation.
  • Utilize parameterization to increase coverage.

Peep into the video in case you missed the session!

Wrapping Up of Day 1

We appreciate the contributions of every speaker who helped make the day one session a success. It was well-planned and organized event with a bunch of experienced speakers across the globe.

Expecting more such insightful sessions? Come join us for the day two events and turn your hours productive.

Together, let’s explore fresh patterns in the testing ecosystem and engage with businesses and community members as we tirelessly define the future of testing.

The Test Conference is currently traveling. I hope you all have the best online testing conference ever. I once again appreciate your presence.

Have a bug-free life!

After successful Testμ Conference 2022, where thousands of testers, QA professionals, developers worldwide join together to discuss on future of testing.

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