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Posted On: August 29, 2022

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“Testing is not responsible for the bugs inserted into software any more than the sun is responsible for creating dust in the air.”— Dorothy Graham.

We can’t wait to share the highlights from Day 3 of the extraordinary events, which left a lasting impression on the testing community. It was a massive hit!

The third day of our Testμ conference came to a successful conclusion, with our audience enthusiastically receiving the insightful perspectives offered by our knowledgeable speakers. Here are some key moments from the broadcast, in case you missed the successful event.

Keynote Session: Community, Innovation & Testing – Maneesh Sharma (COO, LambdaTest)

Open source and communities have always been at the center of the software development business. Over the past few decades, these networks have fostered innovation while assisting testers throughout the whole industry to ship high-quality software. Let’s know what the community has accomplished and how we can all promote innovation from Maneesh Sharma.

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Below are the other sessions from Day 3 of the conference.

GitHub for Test Automation – Gandhali Samant (Director, Cloud Solution Architect, Digital and App Innovation, Microsoft)

Gandhali Samant finds out everything there is to know about GitHub actions for test automation and how GitHub actions may aid developers and testers in running tests on the LambdaTest platform.

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An Idea of Shift-left Testing: What, Why, How, and When? – Siddharth Kaushal (Director of Engineering, Frontdoor Inc)

The term “shift-left testing,” which Larry Smith coined in 2001, has undergone several interpretations and implementations. Although early testing is the primary motivation for adopting shift-left testing, the methods used to get there can vary depending on the business or team. The speaker’s idea of shift-left testing with an emphasis on automation comes after various common interpretations of shift-left testing are discussed in the presentation.

Shift-left testing addresses issues related to the “cost of defect identification at a later stage of the Software Development Life Cycle,” which affects the final product’s overall quality.

This presentation by Siddharth Kaushal will assist the audience in comprehending the issue statement for which shift-left testing is a potential solution as well as how automation technologies can support the concept of shift-left testing to make the process simple for agile teams to use (including developers and testers).

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Panel Discussion: What π Has to do with Good Software Quality – and with Career Opportunities’ – Inga Becker (Senior Manager, Accenture DACH), Thomas Karl (Senior Manager, Accenture DACH), Mohit Srivastava (SME, Accenture DACH)

Software is part of our everyday life, and its quality can be life-saving. As user expectations rise, technical requirements change quickly. Thus, quality assurance is a crucial component of software development, and the conventional “waterfall testing approach” is no longer enough. For adequate quality assurance today, we rely entirely on quality engineers and SDETs, or Software Development Engineers in Test.

Additionally, Inga Becker, Thomas Karl, and Mohit Srivastava discuss a typical SDET profile. It’s also time for the show! After all, individuals with a “shaped profile” are uncommon and in high demand.

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How to Bring Accessibility into Your Teams – Laveena Ramchandani (Test Manager-Digital & Data Science, Easyjet)

How frequently do you hear statements like, “Yes, this is important, but we don’t have the capacity right now” or “Sure, let’s put it on the backlog”?

Accessibility testing should not be deprioritized in software development, even though it will always be necessary to give some tasks higher priority than others. Because it’s crucial to make your product more accessible if you want to incorporate quality into it.

Testing for accessibility is important, especially if your product is a user-facing application, and we shouldn’t ignore it or take it lightly. In the UK, at least 1 in 5 citizens suffer from chronic sickness, impairment, or handicap. Many more people suffer a transitory impairment. According to a recent survey, 4 out of 10 local government homepages failed the most fundamental accessibility standards. Such difficult-to-use digital experiences shouldn’t be so prevalent, and we testers can change that.

Laveena Ramchandani believes that when testers push for integrating accessibility testing into their teams, we improve our product’s accessibility, lower the chance of negative customer evaluations, and demonstrate a higher level of social consciousness. Let’s shift left and incorporate accessibility testing into our teams. Let’s hear more from her.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand why accessibility testing is important
  • How I adapted an accessibility mindset
  • How to coach colleagues and bring accessibility into your teams

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Networking Break at Booth Lounges

Networking with others at breaks, over coffee, and at happy hour is one of the pillars of attending live events and conferences. The good news is that participants experienced rapid networking on the online platform.

If you decide to take part, you will be paired with other attendees so you may get to know them and connect. It’s friendly, enjoyable, and a great way to meet individuals who share your enthusiasm for cutting-edge wood structures.

Appium: Endgame and What’s Next? – Sai Krishna (Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks), Srinivasan Sekar (Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks)

Sai Krishna and Srinivasan Sekar took a seat for a video chat on the grounds of the Testμ conference to give you an insight on Appium: Endgame and What’s Next?

Key Takeaways:

  • Appium 1.x Endgame.
  • Appium 2.0 Architecture.
  • What’s new in Appium 2.0?
  • What should users do to upgrade to Appium 2.0?

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Test Orchestration using HyperExecute – Mayank Bhola (Co-Founder & Head of Product, LambdaTest)

The speed at which tests are executed and the dearth of “smartness” in testing are two of the biggest problems that developers and testers encounter. Traditional cloud architecture is slower than a local system. However, local configurations lack the cloud’s feature set.

To overcome the limitations of conventional cloud infrastructure, LambdaTest introduced HyperExecute. This lightning-quick test orchestration cloud enables companies to perform end-to-end automation tests as quickly as possible.

In this session, LambdaTest’s co-founder and Head of Engineering, Mayank Bhola, led the audience through HyperExecute, explaining how it overcomes the drawbacks of conventional cloud grids and enables businesses to launch products more quickly.

Mayank discusses the reasons for the slowness of conventional methods and their various problems, such as network hop during each test, pointless latency, and increasing test flakiness. Then, he focuses on how HyperExecute unifies all the components in a single execution environment, eliminates network hops, and speeds up test execution. As a result, companies can test code, address problems more quickly, and shorten their time to market.

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How to test API with Cypress – Filip Hric (QA Lead, Slido)

Cypress is fun. API testing is enjoyable. Why not meld these two together? Cypress is perhaps best known as a fantastic UI testing tool, but it can also be incredibly useful for testing your API. A number of tools are offered by Cypress that can be used to develop API tests efficiently.

We’ll look at how you can use Cypress to contact your API and test its response together with Filip Hric. Additionally, we’ll watch how an application’s APIs are used while testing it and write tests for challenging edge cases. You’ll leave this session with a ton of inspiration for how to test your UI in ways other than Cypress.

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Dirty Tests and How to Clean Them – Gil Zilberfeld (CTO & CEO, TestinGil)

In this session, Gil Zilberfeld (TestinGil) discussed specific anti-patterns in tests and how to fix them. We’ll examine how the concepts of clean code directly relate to tests. And it holds for all tests, both unit and end-to-end ones, written by developers or testers alike. These will be put into practice.

According to Michael Feathers, “Clean code looks like it was written by someone who cares.” For that reason, writing clean test code can even be more crucial.

Key Takeaways:

  • What makes code clean?
  • How do clean code principles apply to tests?
  • Code smells in tests.
  • Refactoring patterns in test code.

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‘Automation’ is Key in Accelerating Business Velocity through Digital Transformation – Arunava Paul (Head of Innovation and COE, Qualizeal)

Here’s another session at the Testμ Conference with Arunava Paul and Somesh Ojha, Director – Sales, LambdaTest, where he emphasizes the role of automation in helping fast-paced businesses achieve digital transformation.

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Wrapping Up of Day 3

It was a hat-trick success. Day 3 was again a power-packed knowledge session with our predominant speakers. We appreciate your participation in the Testμ Online Conference 2022. Hope you had a wonderful experience as well. We’ll be back in a little while with some engaging sessions and webinars for you. Stay tuned for Testμ 2023!

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