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Visual Studio Team Service Integration Now live!


Posted On: June 27, 2018

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LambdaTest is a user driven company. User feedback is very important part of our product development road-map. Based on customer demand we are now live with single click integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services with LamdbaTest cross browser compatibility testing platform. Now you can push issues found in LamdbaTest platform directly to your VSTS repository with a single click. It’s one more step towards our ultimate dream of integrated cloud based testing environment.

Visual Studio Team Service

Visual Studio Team Services is an amazing cloud based service for teams to collaborate together for robust code development. Leveraging the .NET framework for maintaining the projects while and integrating with agile tools, it is simply brilliant. Your Git repository can be accessed and the whole progress can be tracked. The service is indeed suited for teams, helping them improving the build and release management.

Integration With LambdaTest

LambdaTest is one step closer to building the perfect testing ecosystem. With the integration to VSTS, users can now work more efficiently. The integration process is almost the same. If you are new to LambdaTest then click on the link given below. Follow the instructions to unleash the one click bug logging directly from your Lambda account to your VSTS project.

You can also checkout our knowledge base page to know more about how you can integrate Microsoft visual studio team services with Lamdbatest.

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