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Posted On: August 23, 2022

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We are excited to kick start our first-ever edition of Testμ Conference 2022. We have 40 sessions filled to the brim with insights from industry experts, open source leaders, and innovators across the world.

This is a truly global virtual conference, with registrations from 78 countries worldwide.🌎

And Testµ was created to foster this international collaboration and promote community-driven innovation.

We believe community is where individuals thrive. It is where bright minds share, debate, and collaborate.

We wanted it to be a platform to encourage discussion on how to innovate the testing world. It is a small step to ensure this community thrives and empowers budding engineers with the right thought leadership.

Over the PAST 5 years at LambdaTest, we have spoken to many QA leaders across startups, large enterprises, and open source projects. And we were surprised to see how the overall testing and development community is driving innovation in Quality assurance with the culture of experimentation and trying out wild ideas while maintaining scalability. They carry out research constantly, not just when a problem arises but as a practice of continuous innovation and thus keeping pace with the development teams.

But, all this innovation and experimentation between the community and the enterprises are still working in silos. The Testμ conference brings the community closer and creates a collaborative ecosystem to foster innovation.

We want Testμ to be a community-led event and bridge the gap and help the community in 360 degrees where we can give them a platform to speak freely and discuss how we can together shape the future of testing.

In today’s era especially post covid, we are shipping code 10X faster than a decade ago. Every company has become a digital company due to ever-shifting consumer behaviors; thus, the speed of development and release velocity has increased by 3X.

However, having said that,

How do we manage the quality and testing of those codes at scale?
Can testing stack pace up the way the dev stack is moving fast and innovating?

Again, We see that we can only change the QA landscape by collaborating, sharing our experiments, and innovating together as a community around how tech can solve complex business problems in the testing ecosystem.

Everyone’s contribution to this test landscape is highly appreciated; whether it’s the selenium team, Appium team, or other open source communities, they have worked hard to bring testing frameworks and the landscape this far. Now it’s the time for enterprises and communities to unite and innovate further.

We have leaders sharing their knowledge with us over the next three days from Google, Microsoft, Apple, UIPath, Deloitte, Meta, Accenture, and NASA AMES, along with community members from Selenium, Appium, Ministry of Testing, Playwright, and more.

As we mentioned earlier, we have 40 action-packed sessions by 45 speakers.

But that’s not just it !!!

We have four contests running side by side with combined prizes worth 7500$.

  • First, We have a daily coding challenge called Test-a-thon, where five winners win vouchers worth up to $250 daily!
  • There is also a Certification Marathon where participants can win vouchers worth up to $625. Complete LambdaTest’s free certifications on Selenium and other open source frameworks. The more you clear, the higher your score on leaderboards
  • We also have a conference leaderboard, where the most engaging and active participants earn points, and at the end of the event, the top 10 participants win cool TestMu swag!
  • And last, for the three social media posts with the highest engagement, we have exclusive TestMu conference special swags! So if you want to grab these limited edition swags, share posts with #TestMuConf (Test-M-U-Conf).

We have fluid spaces and 1-1 speed networking sessions so that participants can network and meet their peers.

All in all, a perfect recipe for a fun and exciting event!

Today we have 16+ sessions starting with a session by the legendary Richard Bradshaw that will begin in a few minutes.

Before we start the session, we would like to thank all our partners for supporting and promoting us for this event and all the speakers who graciously accepted our invitation.

We encourage you to go and check out their booths from the lounge if you wish to connect with them later. We have 15 partners who have added some exciting challenges and rewards for you, like raffles & giveaways – so drop by their booths!

Let’s together discover new trends in the test ecosystem and interact with both enterprises and community contributors, working restlessly to define the future of testing.

The Testμ Conference 2022 has been successfully conducted, and hope you folks got to experience the best online testing conference ever. Thank you again for being here. Continuing with that, Be a part of the most informative testing conference of this year, 2023! Register for LambdaTest Testμ Conference 2023 now. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it. Register now and stay ahead of the competition.

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