Quicker Deploy Delivery With Cloud Mobile Testing

Test apps and websites on real devices and virtual environments, improving quality and performance with our scalable, user-friendly cloud solution.


Real Devices

Test your website and mobile applications using our real device cloud. Avoid the cost of an internal device library and gain access to our cloud mobile phones.

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iOS Simulators

Test your iOS apps with the iOS simulator on LambdaTest's cloud mobile phone. Upload an app and start testing instantly from anywhere in the world.

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Android Emulators

Test your website and apps with Android emulators on the web. Ensure compatibility with all versions of Android OS and devices.

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100% Accuracy is Essential - Switch to Real Device.

Mobile emulators and simulators offer a glimpse, but they fall short in mimicking real-world scenarios. With LambdaTest's Real Device, you can test on actual devices to ensure your app excels in every real-world scenario. Don't settle for emulations/simulations; choose real device.

Check Dedicated real devices cloud for enterprises.

Check Network throttling for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

Check Manual and automated app testing to debug real world scenarios

Check Improve device coverage and maximize ROI

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Real Device Cloud

Quick & Easy App Upload and Testing

Easily upload .aab, .apk & .ipa files or import from app stores files with ease, or install production apps directly from the Play Store/App Store and start testing.
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App Automation

Automated Testing On Mobile Device Cloud

Test websites or apps on mobile devices using automation. Speed up app and browser testing with parallel execution on our Appium Grid.

  • CheckSupport for Appium, Espresso and XCUITest

  • CheckInstall multiple apps in a single session

  • CheckCamera image injection and QR code scanning

  • CheckBiometrics authentication support

  • CheckTest Multi-Lingual and Locale Support

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No Download or Configuration Required

Unblock your team and give them instant access to both emulator and simulator devices, as well as real devices. No installation, download, or setup required.
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Test Web Apps on Mobile

Features of LambdaTest Mobile Testing Cloud


Test Native, Hybrid, and Web Apps

Test your native mobile applications using LambdaTest’s online real device cloud,Reduce costs by eliminating your in-house device lab.


In-built Chrome DevTools

Use faster Chrome DevTools to debug webapps across multiple devices with different screen sizes.


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking your mobile view website's responsiveness on various network profiles.


24/7 Support

Got questions? Throw them to our 24/7 in-app customer chat support, or email us on, support@lambdatest.com


Geolocation testing

Test your website or mobile app from different geoIPs to make sure your users get the perfect experience across all locations.


120+ Integrations

Integrate effortlessly with your testing stack through a wide array of 120+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Wall of fame

LambdaTest is #1 choice for SMBs and Enterprises across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Mobile Testing?
Cloud mobile testing is a highly scalable test infrastructure, which is responsible for providing actual mobile devices (Android and iOS) or emulators to companies. These devices and emulators are made available 24×7 to teams and individuals across the globe for testing web and mobile applications on desired browsers, platforms, and handsets.
What are the benefits of using a Mobile Testing Cloud?
You can save money and improve your testing process by using a cloud-based mobile device lab rather than building and maintaining your own on-premise lab. Cloud mobile testing labs eliminate the need for you to invest capital in setting up, maintaining, and updating a lab with real Android and iOS handsets. A cloud-based mobile testing solution also allows you to run parallel tests on multiple mobile devices simultaneously and test apps or websites on cross-platform mobile devices (Android and iOS). This real device access helps teams discover critical bugs faster, which results in faster releases.
Is cloud based mobile testing possible?
Cloud-based mobile testing can be accomplished using either simulated or emulated environments that mimic the conditions of your devices, or you can use real devices hosted in the cloud.
Why is Cloud Mobile Testing critical for enterprises?
To maintain their high levels of brand recognition, enterprises need to make sure that every piece of software they release is completely free of bugs and delivers a flawless user experience. Enterprise-level applications are very complex and require continuous testing to deliver a quality product. A dedicated test infrastructure can enable teams to perform comprehensive testing at any point of time. As you might expect, adopting a cloud-based mobile testing platform is a sensible solution to address these issues. It allows teams of all sizes to test software across a range of devices from one single test plan.
What is a Cloud Mobile Phone?
Cloud mobile phone in context refers to real iOS and Android devices available over the cloud for testing purposes. These services allow developers to test their applications on a wide range of real devices without needing physical access to them.
Are Cloud Phones Safe?
Yes, cloud phones are generally safe as they often incorporate strong security measures to protect data and communications.
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