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HyperExecute is a stable test orchestration platform and has excellent customer support

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About Dashlane

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Problem Statement

The team consisted of 40 quality engineers in Dashlane and had initially set up an in house testing infrastructure for all their testing needs. However, maintaining the infrastructure took a lot of resources and time. Though they were not very comfortable opting for a third party cloud platform for their testing needs, they finally decided it was better to utilize a platform to provide them with the infrastructure rather than create one in house, thereby saving both their resources and time.

They wanted to adopt shift left architecture. They wanted to introduce the UI tests to be run along with the development roadmap. The team developed a pipeline where they ran smoke tests for every commit, regression tests for every merge to master, and then multi-browser tests during nightly builds.

Opting for the right tool was essential, or the quality engineers would have wasted their time maintaining the tests and working around the tool.

Evaluating Solutions

Dashlane had a checklist of all their testing requirements which included

  • SSL
  • Automation support
  • Mobile Platform support
  • Real Device support
  • Parallel Test support
  • Cypress support
  • Visual Regression Test support
  • Customer support
  • Last but not least - The cost

Dashlane was looking for a test orchestration platform that could help them increase their velocity and eliminate developer friction and interruptions.

They did a detailed benchmarking with performance, cost, capabilities, stability, and support as the decision drivers.

After a head-to-head comparison of HyperExecute with their local infrastructure, the performance of individual tests on HyperExecute took nearly half the time compared to their local test infrastructure. Also, it drastically reduced the number of flaky tests thanks to the sanitized infrastructure. Another great benefit was the prompt and reliable customer support.


Dashlane decided to go ahead with LambdaTest’s HyperExecute as it outperformed their in-house setup as well as the alternatives they had put to test.

What Happened After Dashlane Adopted HyperExecute

Reduced test execution time by 50% with HyperExecute


Tiago Vieira

Software development engineer in Test

Customer Quote

Dashlane wanted to run more tests in parallel and faster and adopt a shift left approach, so finding bugs earlier in the life cycle was necessary. With HyperExecute, they could finally shift left and scale their testing infrastructure.

During their test run, Dashlane discovered that HyperExecute could significantly cut down their test execution time. For example, HyperExecute could run about 70 test cases in 40 seconds, whereas their previous internal infrastructure took about 80 seconds.

Nearly 0 FlakyTests

A survey published in October 2021 shows that flaky tests haunt even giant corporations like Google or Microsoft. About 41% of tests in Google and 26% in Microsoft were discovered to be flaky. The same survey showed how flaky tests threaten the efficiency of CI: 47% of failed jobs that were manually restarted succeeded on the second run.

Dashlane understood this problem and wanted to ensure they reduced their flaky tests. After shifting to HyperExecute, Dashlane noticed nearly 0 flaky tests due to a stable and well maintained cloud infrastructure.

Insightful Dashboard

HyperExecute's dashboard collects all test data in one place. They didn't have to spend hours getting test data and logs from different sources. The automatic report generation feature makes sharing reports easier. The reports are generated and shared with a single click!

Customer Service

The cherry on top was the customer service they experienced with LambdaTest. The team had constant support from LambdaTest during the trial and even after becoming a customer. The support team was quick in resolving issues they faced and was always just a ping away on Slack.

Benefits And Results

HyperExecute had given them everything they needed and additional features to elevate their test execution and infrastructure. HyperExecute helped Dashlane achieve

  • 50% faster test execution time
  • Nearly 0% of flaky tests due to infrastructure stability
  • Best in industry customer service
  • Infrastructure on demand
  • Properly sanitized and new machine every time to run tests at ease

They found a stable, reliable, and faster solution in HyperExecute for all their testing needs. They can now scale and adapt their shift-left strategy, find the bugs earlier, and ship products faster!

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