Noibu Increases Efficiency by 100% And Deploys Code 4x Faster After Switching To LambdaTest



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LambdaTest helps us deploy faster and increase our efficiency by 100%. Because of the confidence that we have on LambdaTest we are able to test fast and release faster. It helps us debug our code easily, reduce developer feedback time, and helps in quickly implementing our go-to-market strategy.

David Seel

Team Lead (Software Engineering) | Noibu

About Noibu

Noibu is an error management platform specially designed for e-commerce and retail firms. It detects unnoticed errors by monitoring retail websites and helps in fixing them. Noibu detects critical errors that are hurting sales and flags them instantly. It completely eliminates the time taken by the developers to replicate the issue by providing a detailed web session and helps in prioritizing the fixes.

Problem Statement

Noibu faced a major challenge when it came to device coverage. The users of the retail or e-commerce websites use different combinations of devices, operating systems and browsers to access their websites. What worked on one combination did not work on another. Therefore it was essential for them to monitor the performance of the website on different browsers and devices. Setting up an on-premise device lab was extremely costly.

Also, doing this manually required a lot of time and resources. It also increased developer feedback time drastically. Therefore they wanted to automate the process of testing.

Evaluating Solutions

Noibu understood that setting up an in-house test execution infrastructure was time consuming and costly. They also wanted a solution that helped them run automated Selenium tests in parallel. They were looking at a cloud-based solution that would help them achieve efficiency and increase productivity.

Noibu was using a competitor product before moving to LambdaTest.

We choose LambdaTest over a similar competitor because of its ease of use, cost-effective pricing, and amazing support. The support team quickly reverted to all our queries and that increased our confidence. We know that in the future, even if we have queries, the support team will be there to guide us


David Seel

Team Lead (Software Engineering) , Noibu


What Happened After Noibu Adopted The Right Test Execution Infrastructure

Increased Device Coverage

After switching to LambdaTest, Noibu is able to run tests on multiple devices and browsers at the same time. They are able to replicate issues in no time as they do not have to wait for a tester to complete their testing and free up the device.

Reduced Developer Feedback Time

Noibu is able to run automated tests parallely and get results faster. With LambdaTest’s complete Selenium execution logs, video logs, network logs, viewport screenshots, etc testers are able replicate issues faster to reduce the developer feedback time.

LambdaTest has reduced the time taken to reproduce and debug the problem. It has helped us identify browser specific problems and increase developer feedback time by 400% and increase efficiency by 100%.


David Seel

Team Lead (Software Engineering) , Noibu


Deployed Code Faster

Noibu is growing at a rapid scale and faster release cycles are the need of the hour. Using LambdaTest’s test execution infrastructure, Noibu is now able to run tests faster and deploy changes quickly. They are now able to release features and code four times faster.

We are constantly adding new features to our product roadmap to help retail businesses understand their customer behavior and identify errors. We want to break the roadblocks that we have while testing these features and scale faster. So far, LambdaTest has helped us deploy code 4X faster and we are confident that this number will continue to increase.


David Seel

Team Lead (Software Engineering) , Noibu


Benefits And Results

LambdaTest has completely eliminated Noibu’s cross-browser and cross-device testing challenges. Noibu is now able to reduce developer wait time, accelerate the time to market, and introduce new features that will help their customers.

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