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Cypress Testing

Run Automation Test on Cypress Cloud

Automate Cypress web testing on the cloud for faster execution, seamless scalability, ensuring all end-to-end bottlenecks are thoroughly debugged.
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End-to-End Web Testing with Cypress Cloud
Cypress Parallel Testing

Speed up Cypress Tests with Parallel Testing

Execute multiple tests simultaneously on Cypress Cloud to significantly reduce overall execution time, improve test efficiency, and quickly identify issues in your test suites.
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Cypress Visual Testing

Perform Cypress Visual Testing

Elevate Cypress Visual Testing on Cloud and achieve pixel-perfect precision, detect UI discrepancies instantly, and enhance cross-browser compatibility.
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HyperExecute - Our Fastest Test Execution Platform

A next-generation test execution platform for agile QA teams. Test execution on cloud that matches local test execution speeds, and costs as much as a flexible spot instance cloud.











Leverage AI-Powered Test Intelligence

Leverage AI-Powered Test Intelligence

Harness the power of AI to detect inconsistent test results. Identifying flaky tests becomes seamless, enabling you to concentrate on resolving issues efficiently.
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Features of LambdaTest Cypress Cloud

Test Every Scenario: Achieve Seamless Automation

Automation Testing Dashboard

Automation Testing Dashboard

Explore detailed timelines, analytics, filters, and automation logs for all tests and builds, providing comprehensive insights into your testing activities.

Test Confidently with SmartWait

Test Confidently with SmartWait

Eliminate unnecessary wait-based exceptions in your test suite. With SmartWait, bid farewell to any timeout or wait-based exceptions and ship quality software faster.

Enhance Test Reliability with Auto-Healing

Enhance Test Reliability with Auto-Healing

Enhance the robustness of your test suite by handling unexpected situations and errors, thereby reducing test flakiness and improving test suites reliability.

Streamlined Integration with LambdaTest

Streamlined Integration with LambdaTest

Effortlessly integrate Cypress with LambdaTest with our quick setup steps and extensive documentation, ensuring smooth and efficient integration.

Out-of-the-box geolocation testing

Out-of-the-box geolocation testing

LambdaTest comes with an out-of-the-box built-in IP and GPS based geolocation testing feature that enables you to test on 120 + country locations and regions.

Enterprise-ready Tunnel for local testing

Enterprise-ready Tunnel for local testing

Test locally hosted or privately hosted web apps and web pages securely and encrypted with LambdaTest tunnel, designed for enterprise-ready Cypress testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cypress testing tool?
Cypress is an open source end to end testing(E2E) automation framework written in javascript and based on mocha and chai. With Cypress you can automate tests on browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Brave & Edge family. Cypress is known for easy to set up, faster test execution, debugging capabilities and an active community.
How do I start automation testing with Cypress on LambdaTest?
You need to install the LambdaTest-Cypress CLI - the test runner to help you get started with running tests on LambdaTest. Visit our Cypress documentation.
What Languages & Frameworks does Cypress support?
Unlike Selenium, Cypress testing can be done only in javascript programming language and supports Mocha JS test framework. However, Cypress tests anything that runs in the context of a browser. It is back end, front end, language and framework agnostic. You’ll write your tests in JavaScript, but beyond that Cypress works everywhere.
How to run Cross Browser Tests with Cypress on LambdaTest?
LambdaTest provides a cloud grid of 40+ browser versions for chrome, firefox and edge. To perform cross browser testing with cypress all you need to do is specify the browser os combination in lambdatest.json file and execute the test.
How can I run Cypress tests in parallel using LambdaTest?
Use the lambdatest.json file to set the parallelization first. Trigger the tests using lambdatest-cypress run by specifying the number of parallel tests you want to run.
What are the benefits of Cypress Testing on LambdaTest?
LambdaTest is one of the most powerful platforms that helps you scale faster with its robust, reliable & secure cloud grid. You can trigger cypress tests instantly on 40+ browser versions (more to come) and moreover get features that aid you to execute tests and deploy faster.
Cypress vs Selenium: Which is a better testing tool?
Cypress supports only JavaScript whereas Selenium supports all programming language. Cypress browser support is also limited as compared to Selenium. However, Cypress helps in faster test execution and is more developer-friendly in comparison to Selenium. To know the key differentiators of you can read our blog on Cypress vs Selenium.
Can I run Cypress tests on LambdaTest through the CI/CD pipeline?
Yes! To run Cypress tests using a CI/CD pipeline, you need to clone your test repository, then install the LambdaTest-Cypress CLI and, setup application servers. (if needed)
What is a Cypress cloud?
Cypress Cloud is a robust platform that facilitates scalable and efficient automated testing for web applications. It offers features like unlimited parallelization, real-time test results, and seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines, enhancing the testing process's speed and reliability.
Does Cypress support mobile automation?
As for mobile automation, while Cypress primarily focuses on web application testing, it does not directly support mobile automation. However, there are alternative solutions available for mobile testing, such as Appium and Detox, which are specifically designed for testing mobile applications.
What features does Cypress Cloud Free offer for automated testing?
Cypress Cloud Free offers a comprehensive suite of features for streamlined automated testing. With Cypress Cloud Free, users can leverage unlimited parallelization, seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines, and real-time test results. Additionally, it provides access to shared and private dashboards for enhanced collaboration and visibility across teams.
Why use Cypress for automation?
Cypress ensures fast, reliable testing with its intuitive setup, automatic waiting, real-time debugging capabilities, and seamless end-to-end testing for web applications.
What are the tiers for Cypress Cloud pricing?
Cypress Cloud offers Free, Team, and Enterprise tiers. Each tier provides different features such as unlimited tests, parallelization, and priority support, catering to various team needs. LambdaTest Cypress Cloud offers a variety of pricing tiers to accommodate different testing needs and scales. To obtain detailed information about the different pricing plans available for LambdaTest Cypress Cloud, please contact our sales team.
How do I get the ag grid in Cypress?
To integrate ag-Grid with Cypress, install both dependencies and configure Cypress tests to interact with ag-Grid components, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage.
Can we do parallel testing in Cypress?
Absolutely. Cypress supports parallel testing through Cypress Dashboard or Cypress Parallelization Service, allowing simultaneous test execution for faster results and enhanced scalability.
Are there any restrictions on the number of Cypress test runs I can perform on LambdaTest?
There are no restrictions on the number of tests for paid Automate subscriptions. During the free trial, you receive 100 minutes to run your Cypress (or Selenium) tests. For further information, please contact our sales team.
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