iOS Simulator for App Testing

You can test your iOS apps instantly on any iPhone or iPad using iOS Simulator, which allows you to run a simulation of your app in a highly accurate device-like environment.
iPad Simulator for Mobile App
Test Your iOS App in Real-time

Test Your iOS Apps in Real-Time

Use the iOS simulator to imitate the behavior of various iOS devices and test your iOS application with them. We enable you to test on 460+ iOS environments and ensure that your users get a great experience using your app from Apple mobile device.
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Test Fast Release Faster with iOS Simulators

Save 90% Cost with iOS App Simulators

LambdaTest will help you save up to 90% on your inhouse testing device expenditure by using official Apple device simulator and real iPhone and iPad devices hosted on cloud.
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Test on Real iOS Devices From Apple!!

Contact us to learn how you can save hours a day by automating your testing with real iPhone and iPad on LambdaTest.

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Test Privately Hosted Apps on Cloud

Test your app for compatibility across different Apple devices, with various iOS version, before you launch it on any app store. Use the LambdaTest Underpass to create a secure tunnel to test apps you've installed locally or that are hosted privately
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Test your iPad Apps before launch

Native Debugger for iOS Apps

LambdaTest helps you discover and troubleshoot issues in your iOS app, using tools including View's built-in logs and network activity inspection, and bug marking with integrated tools along with screenshot and video recording..
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Debug Your iOS app using iOS Simulator

Geolocation Testing for iOS App Testing

Use the iOS Simulator to test apps at your favorite location. Check if a geographic-specific app is working as expected for users in over 50 countries, including India, Japan, United States, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia and more.
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Geolocation Testing with iPad Simulators
Responsive Testing using iPad Simulators

Responsive Testing on iOS Simulators

To ensure that your app works on a variety of iOS devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, you can test your app using the mobile screen simulator on LambdaTest
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Bug Tracking and Reporting Integrations

Accelerate the speed of bug testing and tracking by integrating LambdaTest with your development tools so that your testers can report bugs directly from within LambdaTest while you stay in the loop. Our integrations with over 120+ softwares mean you can seamlessly integrate with almost every tool that matters to you.
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Integrations For Bug tracking
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Why should I test my iOS app on a simulators?
Using an iOS simulator saves time and money, since we can test our products on a virtual device instead of needing to use the actual device. LambdaTest has official iOS simulators online, sign up to start testing.
Why testing app on iOS devices is important?
As of a recent report, iOS held a 26.34% market share for mobile operating system. If your want to serve the growing market of iOS users, you need to deliver apps that can run on their devices.

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