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Windows 7+, OS X 10.10+ & Ubuntu 12.04+

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Best Browser For Developers
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Device 1

  • 1
    Ltbrowser moblie testing
    iPhone 12 Pro
  • 1
    Ltbrowser Desktop testing
    iPad Pro
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Device 2

  • 2
    Ltbrowser Tablet testing
    Google Pixel
  • 2
    Ltbrowser Laptop testing
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iPhone 12 pro(1170x2532)


Google Pixel (1080 x 1920)

Google Pixel

Why my mobile view website refused to connect? : Your mobile view website may not be supporting iframe. Don't worry LT Browser has it covered.

  • Trepp
  • Edureka
  • Emburse
  • Noibu

Check Mobile View Of Your Website

Test the mobile view of your website across 50+ device viewports with LT Browser . Check the responsiveness on pre-installed Android and iOS viewports or custom mobile resolutions.

Check Mobile View

Here’s What LT Browser Can Do For You!


Native Chromium Engine

Use all Chrome browser features like settings and APIs, having better OS integration, accessing latest Chrome DevTools.


Multiple Device Viewports

Choose from a wide range of devices and effortlessly interact and test responsiveness across multiple device viewports.


Dedicated Chrome DevTools

Enhance your mobile view debugging with built-in Chrome dev tools for each device viewport, enabling faster debugging.


Multiple Recording Options

LT Browser lets you record the entire screen or a specific tab in tablet or mobile view and easily share it with your team.


Google Lighthouse Report

Get access to concise lighthouse report for viewing your website's key performance metrics, including accessibility score and SEO.


Hot Reloading Feature

LT Browser's user-friendly interface, quick documentation, and hot reloading ensure seamless code updates in device viewports.


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking your mobile view website's responsiveness on various network profiles.


Multiple Bug Reports

Create and share responsive bug reports seamlessly across preferred project management or messaging tools.


Test History

Developers using LT Browser access their test history for informed decisions and clear site cookies via Chrome settings.

Chromium-Based LT Browser

Best Developer Browser to build and debug mobile websites

  • Test With Multiple Devices
  • Network Throttling
  • Dedicated DevTools
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More Reasons To Use LT Browser

Test with unlimited custom device viewports
Debug on the go with unlimited tabs option
Lifetime FREE access. No login required
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Why Mobile View is Important?

  • Conversion Rate
  • SEO
  • Brand Image
  • Bounce Rate
  • Mobile
79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months in 2022.

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Frequently asked questions

What is LT Browser ?
LT Browser is a Chromium-based developer-friendly browser for checking the mobile view debugging of websites and web apps across 50+ device viewports. Ensure responsive web development across a plethora of devices for free.
Is LT Browser free?
Yes, LT Browser offers lifetime free access and doesn’t require developers to login. Now check the responsiveness of your mobile website and web apps in a single click.
Is LT Browser good?
LT Browser is an award-winning Chromium based dev friendly browser. With LT Browser , you can build, test & debug responsive websites for any mobile, tablet and desktop device viewport. You can also see the mobile view of website on different screen sizes and resolutions.
What does it mean to be mobile-friendly?
A mobile-friendly website can be easily accessed on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. In contrast to a traditional website, which often requires additional effort to access its content on smaller screens, a mobile-friendly website remains fully functional as its layout automatically adjusts to fit the screen size of any device being used.
What is the LT browser version?
LT Browser is an award winning, Chromium-based, dev-friendly web browser. You can create, test, and debug responsive websites on any device viewport, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. You can view mobile views of websites on various screen sizes and screen resolutions.
How LT Browser helps you with responsive testing?
LT Browser is an all-in-one desktop application designed to help you optimize your website for responsive web design across all screens, viewports and screen resolutions. LT Browser will help you accelerate your web design journey to one click live interactive testing.
How LT Browser helps in web development?
LT browser brings responsive web development to a whole new level of flexibility, speed and precision. From its ultra-fast Chromium rendering engine to its user-friendly interface, LT browser is your go-to tool for mobile website and web application debugging.