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How do I run Selenium tests in different browsers and on different operating systems?

To run your Selenium test scripts on different browsers and operating systems, you can go for either local or cloud-based automation testing.

You can use local automated browser testing if you aren't concerned about testing against different browsers or versions of browsers or if you don't want higher test coverage. Though you would have tested browser compatibility against a few browser combinations, if you have to test across a large number of browser combinations, local testing would not suffice.

In such cases, you can perform Selenium automation testing on a cloud-based Selenium Grid to leverage the cloud grid's capabilities. Since it helps test your website across different browsers and operating system combinations, you can expand the overall test coverage.

Various cloud-based testing platforms are available to help you run Selenium testing across different browsers and OS combinations. One such platform is LambdaTest. It is a continuous quality cloud platform that allows you to perform Selenium automation testing across 3000+ real browsers and platform combinations.

Visit our support document to get started with Selenium testing on LambdaTest.


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