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How to Build a Cross Browser Compatible Website?

In the modern world of competition, no website owner can afford an Incompatible website. If any Website is browser compatible means the website is working errorless in all existing browsers. Here are some practices to make website browser compatible:

  • Use of modern web standards when developing your website is an important part of ensuring cross-browser compatibility of the website. Using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are examples of this. The majority of contemporary browsers implement these standards, which will make it simpler for your website to function properly across various browsers.

  • After the development of the website, ensure your website compatibility by testing it on various existing browsers such as Chroma, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. You can use cloud based browser testing tools such as LambdaTest, where you can test your website with over 3000+ browsers, OS, and device combinations.

  • You can use CSS reset To ensure that all elements on your website are styled uniformly across various browsers. A CSS reset is a collection of styles that are used on every component of your website.

Learn more about cross browser compatibility on the LambdaTest Learning Hub tutorial dedicated to cross browser compatibility.


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