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How to create a test plan?

Before creating a test plan, consider your end-user requirements and ensure they are met. Below are the steps to create an effective test plan.

  • The testing process should begin with a thorough understanding of a software application. You should ask how it was developed, its intended purpose, and how it works to gain a deeper understanding of its functionality.
  • Take into account the aspects of a software application to be tested, what modules or functions to cover in detail, and any other crucial information you need to know.
  • Writing an effective test case is one of the most critical processes of creating a software testing document. This document helps track what you have tested and what you have not. For example, what you need to test, how should you test it, who will perform testing, and the intended results.
  • Develop a test strategy to outline the testing approach for the software development cycle. Based on a quality assurance perspective, it allows a rational deduction from high-level organizational objectives to actual test activities that meet those objectives.
  • Explore our Analytical Test Strategy Guide. Understand its importance, roles, tools, defects management, metrics, automation, and more. Master analytical testing confidently.

  • Define the test objective to verify that testing activity is uniform with software project objectives and track your progress towards accomplishing all the test objectives.
  • Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all solution, it's important to select the right software testing tool for each task.
  • You should allocate time for 'bug fixing' sessions in your planning document to ensure the success of your project. Early detection of software problems will allow you to fix them quickly.

Want to write an effective test plan? Check our comprehensive guide on a Test plan.


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