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How to Find Bugs on The Website?

Finding bugs has been part of website development since the first website or software existed. Flawless and bug-free website deployment is possible in the modern digital world.

Here is some point to keep in mind to find out the maximum number of bugs in the website:

  • Set a goal for website quality: You must have clear objectives to direct your work. You won't be able to move forward meaningfully without defined goals. Unfocused bug work, in my perspective, results in subpar software. The best way to start to gain a better understanding is to think about users' expectations of the website.
  • Evaluate test environment: The majority of the time, testers have enough time to plan scenarios, develop timeframes, and create procedures. An assessment of the testing environment, also known as the test infrastructure, should be done at this stage. This is due to the fact that environmental defects will result in unneeded and completely avoidable delays in the production of test results. Additionally, it may result in the appearance of bugs that aren't actually brought on by the software.
  • Follow the 80-20 rule: In software testing, 80% of all bugs can be found in 20% of program modules. Don’t take those numbers literally; what it means is that bugs are not distributed equally throughout the software. They tend to cluster in certain code sections with severe defects.
  • Test on Real devices: Assuming testing accuracy without real devices is impossible. In manual or automation testing, only real devices can give the closest idea of user experience. Further, you must add older devices in your device clouds which are still active in the market, to get the best out of them.

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