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How to Handle dynamic content in Cypress?

Cypress testing framework is a next generation JavaScript-based front-end testing framework made for modern web applications. It allows you to handle static and dynamic web content. Cypress has several commands to handle dynamic content, such as:

  • You can use the “cy.wait()” function that allows you to pause the test for specific conditions to meet before moving to the next command. It can be helpful to find dynamic content because sometimes it takes time to get loaded.
  • Using “cy.get” allows you to select an element on the page based on attributes such as its class or ID.
  • You can use the “cy.contain” command to select an element based on its text.
  • You can use “ “cy.waitForEvent” which will pause the test for a specific event to occur on a webpage where you can wait for a dynamic element to appear on the page. This method is also useful for testing the behavior of web applications.

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