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How to inspect elements on Android?

Inspecting elements on a website helps you quickly identify UI bugs on specific mobile devices. Android is one of the most popular mobile OSes, so it is important to know how to inspect Android elements for your mobile web or native apps before releasing them to users.

Following are the ways to inspect elements on Android.

  • Chrome Developer tools: It is one of the most popular methods of debugging websites. Chrome Developer tools offer various screen sizes, like Galaxy S5, Galaxy Fold, etc., to debug websites on Android.
  • What is Selenium
  • Chrome on Android: It is one of the most effective methods for inspecting elements on Android devices. In addition to inspecting, you can use Chrome for Android to debug and monitor other core web vitals on a PC.
  • What is Selenium

    You will see a list of all the devices connected through USB. Using the PC, you can open the URL directly on the Android device. If something looks wrong, you can inspect elements and use the DevTools conveniently on a large screen.

  • Remote Debugging tools: Similar to Chrome for Android, Weinre is a remote debugging tool to test the application on a mobile device using the client-target approach. The client is the tool installed on the PC, and the target is the mobile device.
  • What is Selenium
  • LambdaTest to inspect elements on Android devices: LambdaTest is a continuous quality cloud that allows devs and testers to test website and mobile applications across 3000+ real browsers, devices, and OS.
  • It comes with a real device cloud and an Android emulator online for testing websites and web apps on mobile devices. With everything on the cloud, you don’t have to maintain an in-house device lab.

    What is Selenium
  • LT Browser to inspect elements on Android viewports: LT Browser is a developer-friendly browser that lets you test and debug your websites on different viewports for mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops.
  • You can easily debug your websites on different Android device viewports. Also, you can leverage others features of LT Browser that make your Android responsive testing a breeze.

    What is Selenium

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