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How to install an APK file on Android?

First, let's learn what is an APK file before installing them.

APK files are also referred to as Android Application Packages or just Android Packages. It is an extension used to distribute apps on Google's Android platform. The APK file format is compressed into a ZIP file and is typically downloaded directly to Android devices, typically through the Google Play Store.

The installation of an APK file on an Android phone is simple - just download it and open it when necessary. However, you can't install APK files outside the Google Play Store due to some security restrictions.

Therefore, another way to install APK files from unknown sources is to enable this option in the Settings. This will bypass the download restriction.

To enable APK installation for your Android OS version and device brand, you can navigate to one of the following menus:

  • Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access > Install unknown apps
  • Settings -> Apps -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps
  • Settings ->Apps, and notifications
  • Settings -> Security

In some instances, you may require to give specific permission to install unknown APK files for a particular mobile browser.


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