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How To Use Sticky Position CSS?

Sticky positioning in CSS is used to create an element that sticks to the screen or to its container, while the user is scrolling.

To use sticky position CSS, you can follow these steps:

First, select the element that you want to make sticky & apply the position property with a value of "sticky".

Then, specify the position where you want the element to stick, using the top, right, bottom & left properties.

Here is an example:

<div style="position: sticky; top: 0;">
   This is a sticky element.

In this example, the "div" element is set to be sticky & it will stick to the top of its container. You can adjust the value of the "top" property to specify how far from the top you want the element to stick.

Note that sticky positioning has some browser compatibility issues, so it is important to test your code in different browsers to ensure that it works correctly.


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