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Important android mobile testing interview questions 2023?

Here are some important android mobile testing interview questions to crack interview and leverage your career as tester.

  • What different kinds of mobile operating systems exist?

    • Android OS - From Google OS
    • iOS - from Apple inc.
    • Series 40 [S40] OS - from Nokia Inc.
    • BlackBerry OS – from BlackBerry Limited
  • What is the most recent version of the Android smartphone OS?

    The Google-led Open Handset Alliance created the mobile operating system known as Android, which is now in its 18th version with Android 11 being its eleventh major update. It is the most recent Android version to date and was launched on September 8, 2020.

  • What is the most recent iPadOS and iOS version?

    iPad OS 14 with iOS 14

  • What various mobile testing methods are there?

    There are two categories of mobile testing exist:

    • Automated test
    • Manual test

    learn in detail about mobile application testing on our dedicated tutorial.

  • What different kinds of mobile applications are there?

    Mobile web, native apps, and hybrid apps are the three different categories of mobile applications. The division is based on development efforts and redistribution methods for apps.


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