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Is Microsoft Edge better than Chrome?

Microsoft Edge has emerged as a strong contender in the browser market with impressive features and performance that set it apart from competitors. However, it's important to recognize that Chrome has a long-standing presence and enjoys widespread adoption. Dethroning Chrome requires something truly exceptional.

With continuous improvements, Microsoft has made Edge a promising choice for a better browsing experience compared to its predecessor, Internet Explorer. Despite Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer, some users still stick with it due to familiarity. It's crucial to test your website on Internet Explorer to ensure accessibility for potential users who might still rely on it.

When deciding between browsers, it's essential to consider the information above. While there aren't significant functional differences between browsers, users may prefer one over the other based on interface and the effort required to switch.

As Microsoft Edge gains popularity, it becomes increasingly important for web developers to test their websites on this browser. Although Edge's user base is growing, it hasn't reached a significant percentage yet. Therefore, it's vital to ensure maximum cross browser compatibility by testing your site on both Edge and Chrome.


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