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Mobile app testing best practices?

Testing a mobile app can be time-consuming, prone to mistakes, and occasionally expensive if done incorrectly. Several best practises for enhancing your mobile app testing strategy may be found by performing a Google search.

Here are some best practices you shold follow for mobile application testing:

  • Determine the testing's scope. Some testers prefer to concentrate on what they can see, whereas others prefer to concentrate on the backdrop. For instance, you cannot have a call kit in an iOS version of less than 10.0 or modify camera permissions in an Android version of less than 6.0.
  • Perform cross platform testing: By testing on a variety of browsers, operating systems, iOS or Android devices, surroundings, etc., this test helps you get rid of numerous compatibility difficulties.
  • Conduct app permission testing: The user experience is harmed when testers fail to test the combinations of permissions. Consider a messaging software that allows you to share audio and visual content. Nevertheless, the user cannot open the camera because the storage permission is set to NO. So, it's crucial to test all permissions.
  • Handle with fragmentation: There are several different types of fragmentation in mobile app testing, including fragmentation of the OS, browser, and devices. So, as a QA lead, you should create a mobile app testing framework that addresses every one of these factors, includ
    • running applications on diverse hardware and OS setups.
    • running both manual and automated emulation testing.
    • granting access to cloud-based testing platforms so that testing can be done on actual hardware.
  • Utilize a Real Device for Testing - In the early phases of app development, testing on emulators or simulators is a very helpful way for mobile testing. But, testing the mobile app on real mobile devices is also crucial. This guarantees that the results of these tests are realistic and that any problems may be fixed right away.

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